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Natural Poison Ivy Remedy

Natural Poison Ivy Remedy | Drug Free | CreativeCainCabin.comI know we’re all in the gardening mood now that the weather has turned the corner so I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to share with you my natural poison ivy remedy. This is what I use to rid myself of this nasty, itchy, rash. The smart thing to do would be steer clear of it, but it never fails I get it every year….and not just a few blisters I am normally an extreme case. When I was a kid I would take the doctor prescribed steroids for it, but there’s not a chance of that now. I don’t like taking anything unless it’s a last resort. 

Years ago I combed the internet trying to find something that would work naturally, and after trial and error and combining things from different posts here’s what I’ve come up with. Not only is it cheap it also saves on a doctor bill and prescription costs.

Any Stick Deodorant Fels-Naptha Soap 

That’s all you need to cure it, and here’s what I do once it’s to the blister stage (hopefully you can wash and catch it before it comes to this). I recommend any time you’re outside working wash immediately after coming in and use the Fels-Naptha soap, it will remove the oil and that’s what causes the blisters.

1. Once you see blisters scrub them with a shower scrubbie loaded with Fels-Naptha soap (this is a little painful because it’s opening up the blisters but it must be done). I normally do this in the shower.

2. Pat the blisters dry with a clean towel and immediately cover the blistered area with stick deodorant (any brand works just make sure it’s not the gel formula).

3. If the blisters are oozing wrap with sterile gauze and cover with clothing.

I do this 2-3 times a day until it’s dried up, and it works every time. 

My brother and I are both very susceptible to the nasty stuff and I remember as a kid he had it so bad his face was unrecognizable and the bottoms of his feet were covered and he couldn’t walk. Lucky me had it all over my face when I was supposed to be in my brothers wedding. I ended up reciting the poem from the balcony over a microphone so no one could see me, talk about feeling like a freak. 

I’ve always been able to find the Fels-Naptha Soap at Walmart in the cleaning section (never have I found it by the body soap). I also can find it at my local grocery store, but that may be because it’s an old time soap and our town in filled with old timers who are loyal to certain products. I recommend buying a bar and keeping it on hand, just for this occasion. 



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  1. Dawn, Why don’t you use one of the Poison Ivy block lotions available at the drug store? You put it on before going out and it does a great job of preventing the poison ivy oils from getting to your skin in the first place. It takes remembering to put it on, but if you put the bottle in your work shoes, it will remind you, and save a lot of pain later on! #anounceofprevention

    1. Cindy, I must sweat too much or something. I’ve tried several products and nothing works for me, I get it anyway 🙁

  2. Anytime I’ve gotten this nasty stuff, it’s been by accident, that’s a sneaky little scoundrel, so thank you bunches for this! Pinning for later!

    1. Amy, it works great every time….I swear by it 🙂

  3. Good to know….(BTW I love and use that Dove Brand Deodorant)….My hubby’s first encounter with poison ivy is when he was helping my son in the yard when we first moved to NC….he was using the weed eater and hacking down “vines”…little did he know that it was poison ivy and he got it all of his body….had to be placed on medication…it was awful…now he is so careful and does not wear shorts when working in the yard anymore….Great tips!….will have to get that soap!

    1. Shirley, once you’ve had an awful experience with it you get a little gun shy outside working. I also get poison oak just as bad, its some terrible stuff.

  4. Great tip, Dawn! When I was little I had a horrid case of poison ivy and my mom rubbed me down with Clorex bleach. Oh did that hurt! But it stopped it in its tracks!

    1. Yvonne, I’ve tried the bleach method and all it did was eat holes in my skin and make it spread. I have a cousin that uses bleach and it works for him every time.

  5. This is a great tip to know. Fortunately I’ve never had to go through the poison ivy itch, but you never know when it could affect us.

    1. Linda, I think some people never get it. My SIL can roll in it and never have a blister.

  6. I agardened for five hours on Saturday, wore gloves, and a long sleeve shirt. On Sunday both arms are covered
    in poisin ivy. Never saw it and still I have the blisters. I will give this a try. I am so allergic to it. Thanks for the

    1. Debbie, that’s how it happens to me too. I have no idea it’s there until I wake up covered in the stuff 🙁

  7. I swear by Drawn dishwashing soap. When I come in from working in the yard, I put Dawn on my arms, wash down my skin that is showing and scrub..it has been several years since I had an outbreak but I will try this if I get it again.

    1. Karen I can see where that would work, it’s a good grease fighter and would remove the ivy oil. Great tip 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing this, Dawn. I have gotten HORRIBLE poison ivy almost every stinkin’ summer over the last few years. It was so bad 2 years ago my eyes were swollen almost totally shut and I had it just about EVERYWHERE (and when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere). Last summer I only went outside and gardened if I was wrapped in a cocoon-like fashion. UGH I remember when I was a kid my Dad always washing me off with Fels Naphtha ~ I’ll have to pick some up (he would be giving me the ‘look’ for not remembering!). Pinning this baby!

    1. Mary Beth, LOL yep your Dad had the good ole’ fashioned cure all those years ago. I so hope you don’t experience it again this summer it’s miserable for sure.

      1. I caught it for the first time. Almost 3 weeks ago it started with just a few
        Blisters that I wasn’t sure what it was and 2 weeks later my arms and legs were covered. It has been horrible. I go on vacation in a few days and have no idea how to get rid of the redness and swelling. The weeping is over. I have been so paranoid, any bump that shows up o am sure it is more. I rewashed all my clothes and 5 pair of sneakers, because by the time it really broke out, I couldn’t remember what I had on doing it. No one told me poison ivy has a furry vine…it was growing on our house, I was out there just trying to get it off all the way down to the root…but it got me in the end 🤯

    2. Haha. When I was younger seeing older people doing things like this thinking how weird! I’ll never be weird when I’m older. Ha, you should see me now. I now know why older peoples butts are in the air when they garden.

  9. Thanks so much for posting this. I’ve never had it until this year, (despite working in the yard and brush. All of my adult life.) Not sure what changed, but boy do I sympathize with those who suffer regularly! I just started this yesterday and already see progress! Great reduction in the burning itch, also. I have always washed off with witch hazel after each day in the garden. Now I’ll add Fels Naptha to my routine. Thank you, thank you!

    1. Robin, so glad it’s working for you. It saves a trip to the doctor for sure.

  10. Never lucky enoug to know I contacted poison ivy. When I woke up with the rash my Mom would make a paste with Fels Napa and witch hazel. She would grate the soap and mix, put on my rash and wrap with gauze. Always worked for me.

    1. Dottie, brilliant idea your Mom is a bright lady 🙂

  11. I love to work in my yard, which is full of poison sumac and ivy. Plus we live by the river and the area we live is swampy and also full of Sumac and Ivy. I get poison Sumac/Ivy EVERY single spring and summer. I get covered with it and absolutely miserable for the next week’s to come. This spring was no different, except I used your remedy above. I want to thank you from the top of my head to the souls of my feet – Literally!!! It did not spread or itch and was gone in about a week 1/2. I try and wear protection, like long sleeves, but living in Texas.. it’s hot!! At least now I don’t worry near as much about getting it because of your miracle cure.. Thanks again!!!
    P.S. The poison Ivy blocks don’t work. Neither does the soap to wash it off. Plus all that stuff is expensive!!!

  12. I tried this method from your site for 2 days. It made mine even worse. I went online and researched further and all the medical sites say to avoid opening the blisters. I finally tried dapping with alcohol and then calamine and it is finally healing. Everyone heals differently i guess. The deodorant almost seemed to spread it further.

  13. Danielle Chladek says:

    Sounds great for poison ivy but I have the same reaction to the wild ivy that grows in Kentucky – English ivy I think , and I’ll give this a try for that too. I wear gloves and try not to touch my face, arms, and legs but some how it always gets me. Thanks for the pin.

    1. Danielle, I’ve also used this method for poison oak, so I bet it will work for your english ivy.

  14. I have a few questions. Since the soap is for stains in clothes. What does it do to the poison Ivy? Then what does the deodorant? Is it like a shield? For how many days should this be done? When itching stops & the red spots go bye bye?

    1. Amy the soap is strong and strips the poison ivy oil off your skin that causes the rash. You can use any brand or kind of stick deodorant as long as it’s not the gel formula. Use it till the ivy is cleared up, or the spots are drying up 🙂

  15. Maybe a dumb question, but after washing with the Fels Naptha, do you rinse it off, then pat it dry and apply the deodorant or leave it on your skin and pat it dry, etc.?

    1. Nancy yes, wash with Fels Naptha, rinse, pat dry, apply deodorant, leave on, and cover with a bandage.

  16. Rita Wendt says:

    I used bleach once it left a scar for a while and caused a chemical burn. Had to go to doctor to get medication for the burn. I have used the ideas mentioned above for years and they work well. Dawn sometimes keeps me from getting it at all.

    1. Rita my Grama use bleach too but after a while it quit working for her. I’ve also heard Dawn dish soap works. I just purchased JewelWeed soap and that works well too.

    1. Either, I normally do it in the shower so I use hot.

  17. Worked for me! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  18. vicki paris robbins says:

    I’m in my 3rd week of getting rid of poison ivy blisters and peeling arms….I look like a burn victim. Doctor put me on Prednisone for 14 days…..seems like it is taking forever. My new skin (after peeling spots) are so sensitive. Think there should be something to put on these gross scaling arms to quicken up. Ideas?

  19. I think your sweet dog can relay the oils to you after running through underbrush etc..
    there is also a time period where the vines produce an airborne irritant which you just cannot avoid if you are near on a breezy day. Calamine lotion until your pretty pink and a prescription for prednisone

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