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New LG Microwave

Installing a LG Over the Stove MicrowaveBefore I start sharing with you our Christmas Kitchen I wanted you to see our new microwave. When we added the beadboard backsplash to the kitchen we debated on replacing the microwave because hubby didn’t think it was nuking things as fast as it should be, but at the time I couldn’t find one I liked or in my price range so we skipped it altogether. 

I told myself as the appliances started to conk out I was going to replace them with white. Well my cabinets aren’t bright white so white appliances made the cabinets look dirty and apparently they don’t make off white anymore. I did see a color called biscuit but it almost had a peach undertone to it and that color wouldn’t work either, so I went with stainless again. 

Installing a LG Over the Stove MicrowaveHubby and I went to Home Depot to buy furnace filters for the winter and while he was in the tool aisle I decided to browse the Christmas section. I didn’t find anything there that I needed so I wandered to the back of the store where I spotted LG microwaves in the damaged clearance section. It were brushed stainless just like the rest of my appliances, had the same curved handle like the other appliances, and it was 50% off putting it way below what I was willing to pay.

Installing a LG Over the Stove MicrowaveSo of course I figured it was meant to be. The only damage we could find was a ding on the back corner where it sits against the wall and once it was up we couldn’t even see it. I now have to admit hubby was correct….the old microwave just wasn’t as fast as the new one. So I’m happy with our new purchase and hubby put it up the minute we came home.

I packaged up the old microwave and will give it to someone who’s in need. It still works, it just takes an extra minute to heat things up. It still looks like new, and I even have the manual for it. I’m sure someone will be happy to take it off our hands.


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    1. Thank you Shirley I’m glad I held out and found a good deal.

  1. It looks great. Last month I updated all my appliances to stainless and my kitchen looks much more updated. Daughter is a realtor here so she keeps me up on what is the latest for keeping your home updated for resale whenever!!! Your kitchen is beautiful!!

  2. Great find and definitely looks good with the cabinet color!

  3. Isn’t it wonderful when we wait and then find what we need for even less than what we can afford? It looks so nice, Dawn.

    1. Jen I love it when that happens. We have an outlet store in Detroit where all appliance companies ship their scratch and dents, so when I purchased all new appliances for this house that’s where I went and spent a fraction of what I would have if purchased in the store.

  4. Kathleen G says:

    It looks perfect with your stove and yes, perfect timing going to Home Depot:). Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen yes I guess it was meant to be 🙂

  5. Looks good! I have white appliances because my kitchen is small and I didn’t particularly want to replace my stove when we redid our kitchen with Ikea cabinets a few years ago. Whirlpool Gold makes an “icy” white and I like it. If my kitchen was bigger I’d do stainless, though, because I think it looks more modern.

    1. Anne is icy white a stark white? I’d love to do white appliances but I feel like I’d have to paint the cupboards to match perfectly. Another option is to cover them with vinyl in the exact color I want.

  6. Your microwave is perfect – there are frequently deals available on items if we’re willing to look past a dent or scratch.

    You will probably be shocked to know that we don’t own a microwave. We removed one from over the stove when Steve had his Viking range hood installed and we had no place for one on the counter. That was 2007 and we have never once missed it.

    1. Carol, my bestie doesn’t have a microwave either. I don’t think I could do without one, I use it every day. All our appliances were purchased at a huge discount because of a scratch or dent, none that can be seen either.

  7. Sometimes being patient and in the right place is all you need. Love your deal on the microwave. Your new appliances are looking so pretty with your white cabinets.
    Have a great rest of the week.

    1. Kris I’m glad I procrastinated as long as I did and found this great deal 🙂

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