No More Stinky Dog Essential Oil Spray Recipe

No More Stinky Dog Essential Oil Spray Recipe, No Bath Required, My Favorite Mister and Favorite Dog BrushHere’s a great gift to get your pooch this year for Christmas, the most amazing dog brush ever, and a mister,  this is the dog brush I use and this is the fine mister I use. And here’s a bonus add Purification essential oil to the mister and get a stink free dog. 

After our dog had her little accident and tore her ACL, she was no longer able to get into the tub for a bath. It’s a struggle for her to stand on slippery surfaces, or to stand for long periods of time anyway. While picking up her special dog food the on staff trainer suggested giving her a good brushing could help with her doggy smell. I said I did brush her every day and get enough hair off her every time to make a new dog. She hooked me up with a new brush and said with my dog’s undercoat this one would do the trick, but I would also need the mist her to avoid giving the dog a shock when I brushed her.

I started using both, which I love, but decided why not add some Essential Oil to the water mister and see if it helped that stinky dog smell. Score! it worked, no more stinky dog. I just mist her once a day and it works like a charm, I even mist her doggie bed with it from time to time to make sure it doesn’t smell either. 

Do yourself and your dog a favor and get these items. 

No More Stinky Dog Essential Oil Spray Recipe
No More Stinky Dog Essential Oil Spray Recipe
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  1. Water
  2. 5 - Drops Young Living Purification Essential Oil
  1. Fill mister up with water and add 5 drops of Purification Essential Oil to the bottle. Mist dog's coat and brush.
  1. Shake bottle before each use.
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  1. Kathleen G says:

    That’s why I have short hair dogs, but they still smell with all that wonderful outdoor tidbits to roll around in:).
    I hope your beautiful dog is doing well.
    Kathlee in Az

    1. Kathleen I used to have a lab and she shed just as bad, just with shorter hair floating around my house, lol. We had an Alaskan Husky that would go out into the swamp and swim that was such a horrible smell and the dog hated getting a bath. I remember my son being small, hubby away on business and me crying and trying to struggle this 125 pound dog into the tub for a bath. I hurt all over once I finally accomplished it. Why dogs are attracted to stinky stuff is beyond me.

    1. Shirley I think all dog’s can be stinky. As they get older it seems to get worse, lol.

  2. Awwww, your poor dog. I’m sorry to hear that he’s still having a hard time. We owned a German Shepherd about 15 years ago and he was so wonderful…we still miss him – he was the best dog we’ve ever had.

    1. Jen this pooch is my shadow. I believe she’s recovered as much as she’s going too so we just make adjustments for her.

  3. What a great idea to share with us Dawn. Mr. Cooper being a basset has that hound smell to him so this might just be a great idea to do with him. For a short hair dog he sheds a lot so we brush him quite often.
    Thanks for the idea. Have a great rest of the week.

    1. Kris we had a basset hound growing up, and you’re right they have their own unique smell. Merry Christmas!

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