Non Candy Halloween Treats

30 Non-Candy Halloween Treats From the Dollar StoreThis is the first year we’ve had employees with small children (age 1-9) and I wanted to send each one a halloween treat bag. Out where we live in the sticks we’ve never had a trick-or-treater, so I thought this would be fun. It happens that the parents don’t approve of candy so I had to get creative and make non candy bags up this year.

I started out at the dollar store to purchase those orange pumpkin containers with a handle, you know the ones; we’ve all had one at some time. After getting the container, I put the name and age of each kid on a white label and stuck it to the side of each pumpkin. I organized the pumpkins in my basket according to age so it was easy to fill them up as I went. I will have to say in my opinion girls are much easier to shop for than boys. So here’s what I came up with…….

Non Halloween Treat Ideas From The Dollar Store For Girls & Boys

And to top it all off I stopped at McDonald and purchased Halloween Treat coupon booklets: For $1 it comes with 12 FREE treats. I thought the older kids would enjoy these!



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    1. Shirely my son has never been a candy eater either, but Im with your granddaughter…..give me chocolate!

  1. Great list, Dawn. I’ve pinned it to my board. We get about 3 to 5 Trick or Treat visitors a year. I’ve got the baggies ready to go…lol. I’ve been looking into doing Crazy Christmas Socks for a gift exchange this year and as I was ready your list, I thought it would also be a great way to give Halloween treats. The dollar store would be a great place to buy some cute socks and the filler items and then they’d be able to wear their socks.

  2. cheryl Major says:

    That is some great ideas and tips..Happy Halloween Dawn !

    1. Happy Halloween to you too Cheryl. I won’t have any trick-or-treaters tonight so I’m going to go watch my firefighter son hand out candy at the station.

  3. Wow- thanks for the ideas. This list would be great for party goody-bags too! I agree that girls are easier to shop for, even when they grow up. Gifts for men are even harder than gifts for boys, no matter how young-at-heart those men happen to be!

    1. Colleen I have the same problem shopping for men. I must say when they do have a Christmas list the things are so expensive, lol.

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