Off to the Races

Motorcycle Races | CreativeCainCabin.comI hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. Let me show you what we did Friday night…..We went and watched our son race his motorcycle. He asked me earlier in the week what we had going on Friday night and I said nothing but return the rental car, my Jeep had been hit and was in the body shop. He says good, then you can come watch me race. I quickly said, race what? and when he said his motorcycle my heart sank and my stomach churned. 

Motorcycle Races | CreativeCainCabin.comThis is not something a mom wants to hear, no matter how old their kids are….BTW he’s only 20. Well of course I was going, I support everything he does but I certainly didn’t like the idea. Oh my they have no fear when they’re young. We pulled into US 131 Motorsports Park just in time to see him at the starting line ready to race. Of course I wanted to watch but I also wanted to hide my eyes until it was over. I decided taking pictures would keep me occupied rather than worry the whole time. 

Motorcycle Races | CreativeCainCabin.comI did say to him couldn’t you take up something like knitting that’s less dangerous? But you can guess how that went over, I don’t think that’s a hobby on his list. It was almost 10 pm with just enough time for one more race when I spotted this……

Motorcycle Races | Car on Fire | CreativeCainCabin.comI thought how cool he has flames that shoot out of his car. Then I heard the ambulance, and realized this wasn’t a fancy trick the car actually was on fire and wasn’t supposed to be. 45 minutes later the track was cleared, cleaned, and the driver of the car was safe. 

Motorcycle Races | CreativeCainCabin.comAfter lots of praying the night was finally over and my son came home in one piece. I sure hope this isn’t going to be an ongoing thing, I’m not sure how much I can take. 




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  1. Oh I don’t think I could take it! You must have been so tense watching it all. It’s great that he wants you there, but oh boy, how about something less nerve-wracking?


    1. Claudia I prayed all the way there and was pretty calm by the time we arrived but every time he got up to the start line my stomach turned.

  2. Dawn, I’m so sorry you have to experience this fear. I know it so well. Our son is now 51, and he still races anything that moves fast. Cars, and boats primarily. He has always loved going fast, and he told me one time it was the sound of the various engines that he loved to hear so much, along with the air moving by him at rushing speed.
    I think the boat racing really bothers me the most, and I won’t even watch the videos of him racing. What really got me was when I realized the large pack on his back is a parachute. It opens if the boat goes wildly fast, or out of control, he can pull the rip cord and his seat ejects him in to the air and chute opens. He now builds racing engines part time for some famous boat racers. He has slowed down a bit over the years, but still attends all the events with his boat. Just to show it mostly, it is beautiful in it’s own way! Fancy paint job and chromed engine. He has a regular job of course, but a lot of his money is into racing. When I look back on his childhood, even as a toddler, I can recall him laying on the floor with his little cars making them “race” around the room making that engine noise—-tell tale sounds of his future I now realize. My best to you—-it’s hard for Mom’s.

    1. Angie, it’s certainly a boy thing. My son can fix anything but I’ve never seen him as a dare devil. He had rolled his truck, and flipped his quad so you would think that would scare him a little, but I guess not. He has been on a motorcycle since he was 4. He begged for one and we told him he couldn’t have one until he could ride a two wheel bike, well that backfired on us, he went right out and mastered it that day. So off we went for his first Yamaha 50 motorcycle. It didn’t look as dangerous at that point, either I was young and stupid or because the bike was so small it didn’t worry me. Thanks for your well wishes.

  3. I’m with Angie. My son is 52 and thinks there is no other way to travel than by his Harley. Scares me to death. When you see how people drive on the highway and pay no attention to motorcycles, it just makes a mother sick. At least, he’s on a track. I think the racetrack is at least a little safer and there’s always help near by.

    Just pray!!


    1. Judy, prayer is what’s getting me through. My son also rides the roads, and agree people just don’t see motorcycles and it’s so dangerous. I often wonder how our kids ever make it to adulthood sometimes.

  4. Kathleen G says:

    Bless your heart! I too, would be full of nerves and more grey hairs as a mama! Keep calm ( or try ) and pray, Hugs, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I bet that’s where all my grey hairs came from lol

  5. Hi Dawn,
    I give you a lot of credit for supporting your son and his motorcycle racing. He is such a handsome guy. You are a great mom and so supportive. Have a great Memorial Day.

    1. Kris, thanks for stopping in its a worrisome thing but I just have to learn to get over the fear.

  6. Hi Dawn !
    Long time no ” see ” !
    My daughter and her husband are on his Harley all summer ( thank the Lord for 4 seasons here lol ) and I panic just with them driving around the city –
    They don’t know that I used to LOVE riding on the back of one back in the day – when I was dating a motorcycle racer !!!
    I get the fear……….I really do – but that’s part of our job I suppose, right?
    That car on fire is terrifying…………….but I’d think it was a trick too lol.

    1. Suzan, I ride with my hubby on his bike too but watching my son race is just too much!

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