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Old Cabinet Turned Linen Closet

Use and Old Cabinet As A Linen Closet in the Master Bedroom | creativecaincabin.com

Follow Creative Cain Cabin on PinterestHere’s one of those things that’s been on my to do list….clean and organize the master bedroom linen closet. Since it’s out in the open it can only be overlooked for so long, and today was the day I couldn’t stand it any longer. It’s not a big space which is all the more reason to keep it organized. The smaller the space the faster it looks cluttered.

Linen Cabinet Before & After | Creativecaincabin.comAs you can see by the photo on the left the cram method was what was being used most recently. I guess we all get lazy and just stuff it in rather than neatly placing it in it’s spot, and when hubby helps take care of laundry his prefered method it the “cram method”. I can hardly complain, he is helping after all. That is help, right?

Use and Old Cabinet As A Linen Closet in the Master Bedroom | creativecaincabin.comWhile I was cleaning I found one set of sheets we never use, so those went into the donate pile, and several mismatched pillow cases, they also went into the give away pile. We have a store in our town where you can donate anything you no longer want or need, and in turn they let the community shop for free. Such a neat idea, if you need something and they have it, it’s yours. So far it’s working out great. They’re open one day a week so the donate pile will ride around in my jeep until that day. Once I’m ready to get rid of something I want it out of my sight, not just moved to a different spot in the house. 

Use and Old Cabinet As A Linen Closet in the Master Bedroom | creativecaincabin.comThe large wire basket on top of the cabinet was a thrift store purchase, it’s where I keep white king size sheets. My dog likes to sleep on our bed and I use the sheets as slipcovers on top of the bed. I hate pet hair on my nice quilts so I just replace it every day with a new sheet. It’s a easy solution, and much easier than keeping a dog off the bed. I must say it sure feels good to get things in order. Sharing Here

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  1. I am glad to know I am not the only person who uses the cram it method. But like you, I reach the point where I have to just stop cramming, pull everything out and get things back in order.

    I love your little cabinet.

    1. OMG you’re so right Carol there’s only so much I can take and one cluttered area makes the whole room feel dirty to me. Now just to keep it that way.

  2. So great Dawn. Love this sweet cabinet and love your organization of your linens. I think when you see them you use them more too.

    1. Kris, I know I like seeming the organized better than just things stuffed in the cabinet. It’s much more enjoyable to look at now.

  3. WOW! That is the smallest linen closet I have ever seen! That can’t be everything but if it is kudos to you….I wish I could downsize like that!

    1. Eileen, That’s just the one for the master bedroom, I also have a 12 foot linen closet on the main floor. I try and keep to sets of winter sheets and two sets of summer sheets and the rest is quilts I’ve acquired over time.

    1. Thank you Jane, the floors are cheap pine, but work well in the cabin 🙂

  4. I absolutely love your little linen cabinet – and what a great way to utilize it. However, I think it needs either a base added to the bottom of it, or legs of some type. Just an opinion and a suggestion.

    1. Pat I agree it does need a base but it’s so old that the piece would have to be made structurally sounder so it’s on the floor for now. I’ll have to get hubby on that project 🙂

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