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Old Crib Turned Farmhouse Bench


Wow the projects kept stacking up around our place as we neared late summer and I knew I needed to get my rear in gear to get them all accomplished before the weather no longer permitted what had to be done. Since this Crib turned Bench required it be warm enough to still paint outside I figured it had better move to the top of my list.

DIY Project, How to Turn an Old Baby Crib Into a Stylish Farmhouse Bench

How to Make a Park Bench From an Old CribDo you remember that old baby crib I picked up at the thrift store for $5? Well the only part I really want of it was the springs to do this project with, but for some reason the rest of it never seemed to make it into our burn pile and I’m so glad it didn’t. Once we finished the concrete patio I felt like the space needed another element to soften up all the hard edges of the retainer wall and patio, and what better way than to recycle what we had.

How to Make a Bench From an Old Baby CribI gathered up the crib frame and headed out back with my miter saw to start cutting and building. Hubby seen what I was doing and decided to come out and help me. I have no idea why I have my own tools if I’m never going to use them, but I was grateful for his help. Two heads are always better than one and between us we had some pretty good ideas and the project moved along swiftly. 

Don't Throw Away That Old Baby Crib You Have In Storage, Why Not Turn It Into a Stylish Farmhouse Park Bench For Your Home or GardenWe didn’t have to buy a single item to make the bench between the bed and leftover lumber I had from trimming out the windows it was truly a leftover recycled project. Score, free is always fantastic in my book and it felt good to reuse the frame rather than burn it. 

Don't Throw Away That Old Baby Crib You Have In Storage, Why Not Turn It Into a Stylish Farmhouse Park Bench For Your Home or GardenOf course when I wanted to take pictures of it we were in our second day of nonstop rain. Somehow it stopped just long enough for me to run outside and snap a few pics before the sky let loose and the downpour started again. We’ve had no rain all summer long and desperately needed it so I couldn’t complain. 

Don't Throw Away That Old Baby Crib You Have In Storage, Why Not Turn It Into a Stylish Farmhouse Park Bench For Your Home or GardenNext I have a slide show that has step by step photo instructions on who we hubby made the cuts and put the farmhouse bench together. If you have any questions just leave me a comment below and I’ll try and answer them to the best of my ability. It really wasn’t complicated at all!

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  • Parts of the crib you’ll need – both ends (the short sides, the curved portion on my bench) and the front portion (the long side of the crib).
  • Cut the front portion into two 18″ lengths one from each end and discard the middle (these will be your arms).
  • Lay both ends on your work surface.
  • Build a box from 2X4’s ours is 18″ wide and the length of the crib ends put together minus the thickness of the arms (this may change depending on the structure of the crib you’re using)
  • Determine how high you’d like the seat portion (ours is 18″ off the ground).
  • Attach the box you just built to the now bench back and the arms.
  • To keep the two portions that make up the back sturdy we reused the brackets that hold the springs in place. One across the top and one across where the seat hits (slide #10).
  • Add 1X4 or 1X6 boards to the seat and let them hang over the box you built by 2″.
  • Sand and paint. 

Don't Throw Away That Old Baby Crib You Have In Storage, Why Not Turn It Into a Stylish Farmhouse Park Bench For Your Home or Garden

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  1. Great use of what you already have! It’s so much fun to furnish a patio area. This bench looks great, Dawn!!

    1. Diane it was nice to turn it into something, and I’m having a blast decorating our new space.

  2. It looks amazing. Great idea. Your patio is turning out gorgeous.

    1. Becky I love that it gives me a new space to decorate.

  3. Stunning – so inviting and the tub on castors was a wonderful solution to hide the meter!

    1. Jan, I have a story behind that whiskey barrel so stay tuned LOL.

  4. Wow such an amazing transformation! Love it painted black too!

    1. Kelly when in doubt I paint everything black. It’s my go to color when I can’t decide.

  5. Laura Harrie says:

    You guys did a great job, the black paint is perfect!

    1. Thanks Laura it was nice to be able to reuse it.

  6. Mary Tullila says:

    Wow…that is one impressive recycle!! I’ll showing this one to my hubby for sure . ? what did you use to weatherise it ?

    1. Mary, nothing but the paint. I’ll see what it looks like in the spring. Worse case it may need another coat of paint. The paint I used is from Sherwin Williams and is made for exterior use so I think it should be fine.

  7. Kathleen G says:

    What a team! The bench turned out beautiful! Your patio will be a nice area to relax with family and friends.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen we’ve been enjoying the patio every weekend so far. Hope the nice weather holds out for a while longer I’m having fun decorating the space.

  8. Oh my GOODNESS!!! Just two days ago I was in my shed, looking at the ends of our old crib, trying and failing to come up with a good project for them. This is PERFECT!!!!

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