One Last Snow

I was hoping this was our last snowfall of the season,
but as I look out the window writing this post the snow
is coming down again.
 I love our beautiful Winters but have had enough and 
am ready to move on to Spring.
 We don’t have a green thing in sight.
 I have pushed cars out of the ditch this winter
and enough is enough….
 I am ready to hear the birds chirping in the trees again.
 And see some beautiful flowering trees.
 It will also be nice to wear flip-flops.
 I think my dreaming is still a little premature.
We have the muddy season to go through next.


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  1. I understand your desire for spring……but those pics are really beautiful!

  2. I was hoping to see a few flakes today, but so far nothing and now it has gotten too warm. It is snowing in the mountains north of us. We have some green in our yard, but in the form of weeds. I hate weeds and they are taking over. We hope to replace the sod out front next month at least that is what hubby said and I hope he means it. We should be in the low sixties, but instead we are in the forties and cloudy. I am over it. Hurry up spring.

  3. had rain and mud here ALL last week ( western PA ) and was so happy for a little frozen ground and snow this morning ! 🙂

  4. We had snow here in Pa. this morning and have had flurries all week, I too am so wishing for Spring! What a handsome dog he is and so pretty in the snow!

  5. Such beautiful snow. I know, I know, you are tired of it, but in TN we got none this winter. Well, maybe a t-i-n-y bit, but really tiny. I would love to have just one good snow.

    Your dog is gorgeous!

  6. I’m ready too. Son just told me we are suppose to get 6 inches of snow on Tuesday. YUCK.
    (That’s a might fine looking shepherd you have there too).


  7. I’m so ready for spring! It was 50+ today, so now we’re down to 18″ in the backyard and about a foot in the front yard! Woohoo! 🙂

    I love the pics of your dog. She’s so cute.

    Have a great day!

  8. Beautiful snow photos! We’re cold but no snow! Your dog is gorgeous!


  9. Dawn,
    I am right there with you. I am so over winter and want Spring. I was doing some spring decor today and it was hard with the 8 inches of snow still on the ground. I am hoping in the next few weeks it will get a little milder and we will see more sun. Your pictures are beautiful.

  10. I hear you on this one! The snow is bad enough but we have treacherous ice everywhere and no sign of a thaw for the next few days. Walking to the chicken coop has become an extreme sport!

  11. Funny….I have the same scene out my window. I’m so over this weather that I was actually looking at hotels in Florida knowing full well that March means $$$ for a room in Fort Myers this time of year. I guess we’ll just have to get together and have some hot chocolate and wait for spring Dawn.

  12. Beautiful pictures! Our snow is somewhat melting and so it’s dirty and yucky looking! I am also ready for flip flop season!!

  13. Beautiful pictures. I love the quiet that your pictures suggest. Enjoy the snow for all us southern gals!

  14. Beautiful photos of the snow! I’m so ready for Spring, but I just heard that we are expecting 2 to 4 inches of snow on Wednesday.

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