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Organized Shoe Closet

Organized Shoe Room

Confession: IM ADDICTED TO SHOES….. Now that I have that off my chest I can show you my shoe room reveal. I’m quite embarrassed to show you the before photo, but here it goes. Yes it looks like I just opened the door and heaved shoes in, because that’s exactly what I did. At one time it was nice and organized and before I knew it a tornado hit in there and the mess just took over. It was the last of the rooms on my list to clean, purge, and organize and right after Christmas I finally did it.

Flip Flops

I have been a shoe lover from the time I could actually wear shoes. You know how most little girls love to play house? Well not this one I loved to play shoe store. My brother is younger than me and of course I roped him into it too. He actually had no choice in the matter he was to young to know any better so he just went along with me.

Organized Shoe Room

I would gather up every pair of shoes in the house I could find, have my brother be the customer, and I would try different pairs on him to see how they fit and looked. This is dating me but I did just like the salesman did back in my day when someone actually helped you with the fitting of your shoes. Nowadays you just go to the shelf and pick out what you want yourself.

Organized Shoe Room

I have an aunt that still laughs to this day remembering how my favorite shopping trips always included shoes. I loved them so much I would even sleep in my favorites. So you see, I just can’t help myself; I was born with this addiction. I have shoes to go with every outfit: but if you remember in an earlier post I said I cleaned out my walk in closet and removed over 400 items from my wardrobe. That being said I no longer need all those shoes.

Organized Shoe Room

So the sorting began and I ended up donating 80 pair to charity and kept what you can see on the shelves. Hubby says I have to many flip-flops but they are the ones from Old Navy and are $1 a pair so I can afford to have them in every color. I found some cute wedge sandals I didn’t even remember having so I’m excited to wear them this summer.

Organized Shoe Room

It really felt good to get that space cleaned up and I actually don’t mind keeping the door open to it now. The room is actually a bathroom without any fixtures. It goes to the bedroom on the other side of the loft that was never added in when we built. So when we decide to sell we will add that extra bedroom and remove the shelves and add a tub, sink, and stool. The wiring and plumbing are already in the walls and floors so it will be an easy task to transform it into a working bathroom, but for now it’s my happy shoe room.



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  1. Kathleen G says:

    Good morning Dawn, I remember those shoe stores. Your shoe closet looks neat and organized. My daughter worked at Old Navy and boy the discounts!
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen the good ole’ days. Now everything is self serve. I love Old Navy and would also love a big discount.

  2. Oh my gosh it looks great! I am purging my closets too. 3 down and 3 to go. Looks like your New Year is off to a great start!

    1. Ann doesn’t it feel good to downsize? I found I’ve never missed the things I sent to charity.

  3. Do you remember Buster Brown shoes? You got to go into the prize chest after you had your feet measured! Sure wish I had a shoe closet as I love them, too!

    1. Jane no I don’t remember that, maybe there wasn’t such a thing in my neck of the woods.

  4. So glad to know another shoe addict friend! LOL I just can’t refuse buying shoes. I must admit I’ve had to go with lower heels as I’ve aged but there’s still plenty options out there!

    Love your shoe closet!


    1. Judy are you a shoe gal too? LOL so glad to know Im not the only one:)

  5. Wow Dawn, that is a lot of shoes. I’m addicted to crochet or knit bags. While walking at the mall this morning a woman said she loves how my bags always match my outfits. 🙂

    1. Linda my I’ve never heard of that addiction, lol good for you and isn’t it nice when someone notices.

  6. You are a girl after my own heart with all those flip flops! Every now and then I read a fashion article that says we shouldn’t wear flip flops. I completely and totally disagree. 😉

    Your closet looks amazing and the charity you donated to won’t have any trouble dispersing the shoes, I’m sure.

    1. Stacey my chiropractor says no heels no flip flops 🙁 I tell him I’ll keep him in business then because I’m wearing both. LOL

  7. Oh, wow, Dawn, a shoe closet! That is a first for me to see! You’re one lucky gal! You know how you said that you played shoe store, well my beloved mother-in-law owned one in the 80’s and I would work there on Saturdays. My pay was usually traded for shoes! Growing up, my family was not wealthy and with 7 kids, there wasn’t much money for anything, but the bare essentials. I remember getting new shoes for school and boots if we needed them, and that was about it. I think that is why today, I appreciate my shoes so much and have so many because I make them last for years because I do have so many. Funny how we are about shoes, isn’t it?! Thanks for sharing your closet! btw, have you had snow up there yet. We’re still waiting for it here in NE Ohio, but that is fine with me. I get to wear shoes instead of boots!

  8. Wow…what I would give to have a shoe closet…and wow, you donated 80 pair of shoes?….Now that’s amazing….and I had to laugh when you said you loved your shoes so much you slept in them….My sisters are shoe fanatics and I will have to ask them if they sleep in theirs too!….Great closet!!

    1. Shirley I will be anxious to hear if they slept in theirs too, lol.

  9. I love how you played shoe store with your brother – so cute. I miss those days of having my feet measured and then having boxes of shoes brought to me to try on. I have the same pair of Dr. Scholls gray polka dot shoes and another pair in navy. I don’t wear either pair very often so they still look new (I ordered online and the fit isn’t that great). My favorite brand of shoes is Skechers. I own three pairs of their Beaching It flip flops, four pairs of GoWalks, and two pairs of Dream Come True Fashion sneakers.

    1. Jen Im sure he wasn’t as happy about the game as I was. I’m still a shoe gal to this day:) My hubby likes Skechers too, he has wide feet and they seem to fit him well.

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