How to Organizing a Small Laundry Room

Organized Laundry Room Pin

It’s the third week of March and that means it was the week to clean and organize the storage shelves in my Laundry Room. I use everything on the shelves but over time it became a total disaster, and things just got flung onto the open shelves. I remember 5 years ago when we moved into the cabin, those shelves were neat and tidy, and I somehow just let that all go out the window. I think it’s easy to let those spaces that are hidden by doors and curtain get out of control. 


World Market "Stuff" Organizer Bag

One area that never got out of control was my “Stuff” bag. It holds all those socks that seem to come out of the dryer missing its mate, and as long as I keep that sock the other one magically makes an appearance again after my boys clean their room. 


Laundry Room Before and After Organization

You may want to close your eyes and reopen them slowly before tackling this disaster area. How in the world did I let those shelves get so cluttered? I actually use everything up there so nothing had to be tossed, it all just needed some tidying up a bit. You may notice I also have several of the same product, I extreme coupon and normally have my own store going on right in my own home. We live a good distance from a shopping center so I stock up when the price is right. 


Organized Laundry Room Using Better Homes and Garden Cubes

I purchased 7 collapsible storage cubes from the “Better Homes and Garden” line at Walmart, for $5 each and started organizing. For the price these are great storage solutions, they are 14X14 and hold a lot of things. I also printed some label tags and attached them with clothes pins to the cubes. The only products I kept out were the ones I am currently using to do the laundry, and I keep those on top of the dryer.


Laundry Room

And when I’m not needing anything on the shelves I clothes the curtain and no one has to look at it. I am so happy to say I have another area checked off my Cleaning Challenge Chart. Since we still have snow and the weather is cold I may as well be busy in the house and get all my spring cleaning done.







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  1. Love this organization Dawn. For having a little space it packs a lot of storage. Great job. Love that you have the curtains to pull over and hide the laundry. So much prettier than having closet doors. Love this.

    1. Kris, I have a lot of stuff packed on those shelves and I like that I can hide it too. I originally wanted cupboards there but felt they would hinder how much stuff I could put up there with the divider between the cupboards.

  2. Penney Williams says:

    Thanks for sharing your organizing for the laundry area. A little over a year ago we moved our washer and dryer into what is already a small 1/2 bath. I’m not sure I will leave it there forever, but it will do for now. I like the idea of the collapsible bins, but it gets so dusty from the lint in my small room that I would want lids on them, lol. Right now I have two kitchen cabinets above the washer and dryer, and I need to organize things better like you have done here 🙂

    1. Penney, I don’t have a dust issue at all for that I am thankful so the open tops work fine for me. The cubes come with an insert for the bottom that could be used as a lid instead. My washer and dryer are in our guest bathroom. Hubby wanted to put them in the basement when we built and I said no way. Im not running up and down 2 flights of stairs to do laundry. I like where they are and I do all the laundry, so no complaints. LOL

  3. Love how your organized the laundry room and made it so fresh and clean!

    1. Thank you Rondell, it did make a big difference. I go in there just to look at how nice it looks now, lol.

  4. You make me feel guilty that I have not been keeping up with my March ‘to do’ list. The cleaning is just no fun.

    1. Carol, no it’s not fun but it is rewarding to get it done. I am enjoying keeping up with my schedule and I feel accountable by putting it out in a post. It keeps me motivated to meet the goal time.

  5. I’m just sitting here reading this….and it was just enough to inspire me to go organize mine….Thanks for the gentle nudge.

    1. Balisha, congrats on getting yours done. If feels so rewarding does’t it?

  6. You can by all means stop at my house when you are done Dawn. I know you will be bored once you are all organized:)

    1. LOL Debbie, I will be sure to put your home on my list.

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