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Outdoor Lounge Chairs



Outdoor lounge chairs around the fire pit, black and white accents, container garden

Today you wont find a beautifully staged space like you’ll find on so many blogs. What you’ll see today is our fire pit area just the way it looks every day with the addition of 3 new lounge chairs.

Don’t get me wrong we have a beautiful home built by our own hands. It took a lot of love and dedication for my hubby to work a full time job; a business we own, and also build us a new place to call home and we did it all with cash. Many of you know our story but if you’re new here this may be new information you’re learning about my family and me.

Outdoor lounge chairs around the fire pit, black and white accents, container garden

I have the hardest working hubby ever and everything he selfishly does is to better his family’s way of life. So saying that I’ve made it a point over the last few years, as I’ve grown older, to spend a little wiser. If you’ve noticed I tend to use the same things to decorate with over and over again or I use them in different rooms of our home.

I’ve did away with things we just don’t use any longer and shop garage sales and thrift stores for things I still would like in our home. Honestly it’s almost impossible to find furniture pieces made from real wood in stores any more so garage sales are the best option anyway.

Outdoor lounge chairs around the fire pit, black and white accents, container garden

Every once in a while I find something on my WANT list at a fantastic price and I purchase it.  When I happen to be in the right place at the right time I feel it was meant to be and that’s exactly what happened while popping into Target to do a return.

I’d been out golfing with hubby and decided on my way home I’d do the return rather than spend another day driving back into town to do it.  While I was there I thought I’d make the most of the trip and just brows the store. I looked through the dresses; I need one for an upcoming wedding, but didn’t find anything I like so I gravitated toward the back of the store where I noticed it was in chaos.

They were in the process of marking everything from the summer collection down. Everything was half off and then 50% off the markdown price. Now we’re talking, prices were looking better and more like what I was willing to pay. I picked up 3 of the lounge chairs, 2 tiki torches to keep the mosquito’s away, and a hammock.

After I’d made the purchase I realized I’d drove my car that day not my Jeep. My wheels started turning as I swiped my debit card wondering how I was going to cram this stuff into the car. Luckily the back seats fold down so the passage from the trunk area is wide open to the front seats. That was a big help but the truck still wouldn’t close.

Now I knew I couldn’t go back into the store and by bungee cords at this point, someone would take my newly purchased goods. Carefully I drove with my load to the next block and turned into Menards. I know in there loading area they have free twine and flags for oversized items sticking out of the trunk in my case. Yep it worked like a charm I used the twine, tied the trunk down, and off I went; headed for home.

I’m sure if hubby had seen my rigging he wouldn’t have approved but luckily I made it home without issued and had the trunk unloaded before he got home. I’m way more risky with stuff like that than he is. I gave it the good ole’ good enough method and sped away.

Outdoor lounge chairs around the fire pit, black and white accents, container garden

I’m anxious to use the lounge chairs but right now it’s so hot and humid no one wants to sit around a fire. Oh and if you’ve read my last “Talk Till Dawn” post you know I’ve been working with a nutritionist. Well 4 weeks in and I’ve lost 25 pounds. Here’s what I’m leading up too. I didn’t need to buy a new dress for that wedding after all I found one in my closet that fit perfectly and it was new. I’d purchased it last year at Target and never got around to wearing it.

So I feel good about not having to spend money on a dress, scoring some cheap lounge chairs, and even better that I’d lost some weight. It was a good day!

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  1. I would say that was a awesome day.
    We live 100 miles from the nearest target. I go only twice a year, do love their stuff. Love how the lounge chairs look around the fire pit. I think your place always looks so nice. After seeing your clothesline on the porch the other day. I to hung one up on my porch. Enjoy your day

    1. Judy how fun you added a clothesline to your porch 🙂 That makes me happy! That’s how I am with IKEA I only go once a year because it’s so far away.

  2. Wow,,that is quite the weight loss..Congrats to you and your yard looks so nice!!! we have been transplanting flowers and bushes even though it is hot in Mich, I am confident they will make it!!! I have followed you for a long time but I don’t think you have ever told us what your own business is….Running your own business is hard work!!

    1. Jeanie, Wow that’s a lot of hard work in this heat. I mowed at 7am yesterday before it got too hot. I get terrible headaches in the heat so I try and avoid the hottest part of the day. We’ve owned an Environmental business for over 20 years.

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