Oven Hard Boiled Egg Update

Do you all remember the post I did about Hard Boiling
an egg in the oven?
Well I’m back to let you know how they turned out for me.
This is what they looked like when they came out of the oven.
  Not sure why they have all the brown freckles.  But it worked great.
 I was already baking a squash in the oven so it worked out perfectly, I just placed a dozen farm fresh eggs in along side the squash.
They do peal much easier using this method.  I have other bloggers tell me the method worked great for them also.  I think this tip is a keeper.Oh and the bowl was also a thrifted treasure.  Nothing better than vintage Pyrex.


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  1. Oh I saw this on Pinterest and thought I would give it a try.. ( someday 🙂 But now I am thinking I will REALLY have to give it a try.. 🙂 Love your Pyrex.

  2. Love the bowl and I have never heard of oven hard boiled. Something to try one day. I am loving all the fresh produce at the markets lately (I don’t have a veggie garden.) Today I made beef stew, broccoli soup and tea biscuits (even though it is hot and sunny here this weekend.) Happy September, Dawn.

  3. WHAT?…did you say in the oven?..learn something new every day,gosh I love blogn’ with you,I had not heard of this,I would have thought the eggs would have exploded.So they even peel better…you just put them in and oven?…what do I set the oven on??

  4. I tried this, and must have baked them too long, though I used the length of time you suggested. They were burned on the bottom, AND they did not peel well at all.

  5. Never heard of this but willing to give it a try. What temp and how long? This sounds like fun. When I was a kid I was boiling eggs per my mom’s instructions, got busy doing something else, forgot about the eggs………..the plan went dry and some of the boiled egg ended up on the ceiling! Mom was not a happy camper (and rightfully so) and many years later there was one spot that was still there! At least my stove has a timer!

  6. Now that you’ve blazed the trail, I just may have to give this method a try…lol! I’m jealous that you are seeing evidence of fall; wish we would, but I know it’s still a ways off. Inside our home is taking on a definite “Fall” attitude, though!

    Hope you are having a lovely Labor Day weekend!

  7. Yea! Can’t wait to try this!!!!! We are up at the lake eny
    Joking some wonderful Fall like weather!!!

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