Paint Watercolors Like a True Artist

You don’t have to pull out the brushes and paint to create a beautiful watercolor; let this fun new App do it for you.


Waterlogue Watercolor

If you haven’t jumped on the Waterlogue App band wagon yet you should seriously think about it. For a small fee of $2.99 you can create stupendous photos just like an artist and it’s fun to do. I have been using this app for a while now, normally posting my pictures on Instagram but today I decided to show you what this App is all about.  


Waterlogue Watercolor

This App only works on iphone and ipad I am sorry to say, but if you have one of those devices you will have a blast seeing all it can do. Did I mention it is super easy to use? All you do is take a photo with your iphone or ipad and open it up in the Waterlogue App and prepare to be amazed. Right before your eyes it does all the work for you, transforming your photo into a beautiful watercolor.


Waterlogue Watercolor

Here’s another little trick; if you want to use a photo taken with your DSL camera just email it to yourself and save it to your camera roll, from the Waterlogue App grab the photo from your library and create 🙂 Next touch the “heart”, choose to email it to yourself and post it on your blog.


Waterlogue Watercolor

Ok, this is 2 much, I just love this App and it’s catchy name. If your board some day and looking for a creative App I suggest giving this one a try. 












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  1. I have that app and love it, yours are gorgeous!

    1. Rondell, thank you. Isn’t it fun to use and play around with?

  2. Oh, Dawndie, I’m weeping here. I was so excited about this app, downloaded and it wouldn’t work for me. Then I figured out it was only for Apple products! SHOOT! Well, your watercolors are so beautiful.
    Be a sweetie,

  3. I have the app on my phone. I I took photos of the woods beside our home in three different seasons. I turned them into watercolors and had them printed onto canvas. They hang in our living room. They are wonderful!

    1. Mary, I was planning on doing the same thing 🙂

  4. This is pretty darn awesome, If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would have thought this was something you creative through water colour. Great idea on mailing yourself the image, I wish there were an application or preset (in lightroom) that would replicate watercolour.

    1. Marie, if there is I haven’t found them yet. Do you have an Apple phone?

  5. Yes, I just upgraded from 5 to 5s, it was free, so worth the upgrade, I have not found any presets either, but I’m on the lookout.

    1. Marie, I didn’t know the 5s was out already. I will let you know if I see a preset too.

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