Painted Beadboard & Stained Barstools

Log Home Kitchen With White Cabinets, Beadboard, and Black Concrete Countertops Before catching the flu I managed to get the beadboard and upper cupboards painted with all the dishes back in place. I decided to stick with the existing paint color, SW Dover, but change the finish from satin to semi-gloss. Now to get motivated and get the remaining cupboards painted. 

Log Home Kitchen With White Cabinets, Beadboard, and Black Concrete Countertops I can’t believe how raising the cupboards 3″ has made such a huge difference. As I stated earlier I could never place pretty thing, or even my Kitchen Aid mixer on the counter….it just didn’t fit. Now I’m excited to style them in different ways to see what I like best. 

Log Home Kitchen With White Cabinets, Beadboard, and Black Concrete Countertops Did you happen to notice I added a little bit of my yellow back into the kitchen with flowers, dishcloths, and my enamel ware Dutch oven. It’s a much subtler look but still lets me have a little pop of color. I’m also using a few throw pillows on the sofa with butterscotch tones to them so I didn’t completely get rid of all the yellow. 

Log Home Kitchen With White Cabinets, Beadboard, and Black Concrete Countertops Remember the bar stool dilemma? Well, here’s what I ended up with, all 4 stools stained in dark walnut to match the dining room table. (I still have something planned for the foot runner, so come back to see that later). The chairs don’t all match perfectly but I’m not messing with them any further. 

Log Home Kitchen With White Cabinets, Beadboard, and Black Concrete Countertops You can see here how every other chair has a little more warm tone to it. Apparently 2 chairs were one type of wood and 2 another type so they didn’t satin up the same but I’m happy with them and they do match the dining table.

So if you hear me ever say I’m going to paint them clobber me……I don’t want to live that whole ordeal again. Every now and again I have a lapse in judgement and need to be reminded what a stupid idea that was. 

Log Home Kitchen With White Cabinets, Beadboard, and Black Concrete Countertops In this photo you can see my under cabinet lighting, they never worked before…..they’re motion sensored, but now that the cabinets are higher they work perfectly. I’d forgot they were even there until I placed something on the counter and they popped on. 

If you missed the other post related to the kitchen beadboard install just click the photos below. 

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  1. It looks gorgeous! I love how you added some bits of yellow back in – it’s such a happy color and looks great in the space. The stools look lovely in the space, too. LOL on the under counter lighting. I hope all goes well when you repaint your cabinets.

    1. Jen I just couldn’t stay away from yellow I guess. LOL I have the upper cabinets painted now to work on the island and fridge section.

  2. I like it! That’s such a lot of work, so pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

    1. Diane thank you I like it too, and am glad to be done with those bar stools. I’m still not 100% happy with them but they are staying as is.

  3. Dawn,
    We’re your cabinets originally placed without making extra room for an extra thick countertop? Is that how it happened? Good thing you has the extra few inches below that ceiling in the corner!

    We are going through a cabin kitchen reno and have to work around beams and lowered ceilings (bathroom pipes are above and we need to keep access to them). PAIN!

    The cabinets look gorgeous where they ended up… Look perfectly built in!

    One job at a time!


    1. Maria Yes we poured the concrete countertops and didn’t account for the 3″ of concrete. After the trim piece came off and the crown molding put back on everyting was the perfect height. We had all our cabinets custom made and I should have realized the trim piece wasn’t needed if the cupboards were placed where they should have been. Not sure how I overlooked it all but I did. Good luck with your kitchen redo, I bet you’ll love it when it’s done.

  4. Kathleen G says:

    I’m very happy for you Dawn! Having the cabinets raised makes your kitchen more functional:). The stools look nice and having the color yellow is cozy.
    Hope you’re feeling better and have a wonderful day, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen you’re so right it is much more functional. I had no idea what I was missing. Yes I’m over the flu now and on to new projects.

  5. I love the pops of yellow. It looks perfect. But I loved all the yellow you had even the yellow stools. I also like what you have now. It’s fun watching your new things and your changes. Your blog is a delight.

    1. Nancy you are so sweet. Yes I loved all the yellow too but was ready for a change!

  6. Dawn, everything looks great. I like the pops of yellow and I’m jealous you have under the cabinet lighting. I’ve always regretted not having putting it in when we built our house.

    1. Becky it’s so funny I didn’t even remember I had it. It didn’t work when the cabinets were lower, must be it need the extra height to recognize movement.

  7. I just love your kitchen, Dawn. It’s so spacious and full of sunlight. Raising the cabinets looks great, and I’m sure that extra space is wonderful.

    1. Angie I didn’t realize how much of a difference 3 inches could make I feel like I have a whole new place to decorate now.

  8. Beautiful….love the beadboard and those walnut stained stools look great!….you two did a great job!….Love the pops of yellow and how wonderful it is that you can add any pop of color you choose!

    1. Shirley you’re so right now I can go with any color. I’m thinking some navy for winter.

  9. Love the beadboard backsplash! Of course I would! I have it, too! Isn’t it amazing what 3 inches of space does? The stools look great and as someone else pointed out, you can add any color as an accent now! Didn’t know you’d had the flu! Hoping you feel much better now!

    1. Jane I guess the flu is going around 🙁 I love the new beadboard and wonder why I didn’t do it sooner.

  10. Hi Dawndie! Oh, I love your beadboard backsplash! I had a beadboard backsplash in Galveston and I do miss that! I love that you can poke things now on your countertops. You gotten have stuff out! I love the soft yellow you’ve added too. Try Dreamscope, you’ll love it. It’s free and you just go to the site and have fun.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    1. Shelia thanks for the reminder about Dreamscope I’d forgot about it:)

  11. Kris Medcroft says:

    Hi Dawn, I think the beadboard looks great.

    1. Kris thank you so much I am loving it and wish I’d done it years ago.

  12. Dawn, your kitchen looks great and cozy! I like the beadboard idea. From looking at your island, are those all drawers in the bottom? Looks wonderful!

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