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Painting The Kitchen Cabinets


Sherwin Willilams Paint

I did it; I finally tackled painting the kitchen cabinets. It’s something I’ve dreading doing for quite some time and it was a simple project to keep putting on the back burner. To keep the kitchen looking fresh and clean I really need to give the cabinets a fresh coat of white paint every other year. Ideally it’s something I should do in the wintertime when I’m all cooped up in the cabin but I was pushing that deadline this year.

Painting Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets White and Using Black Cup Handles

A few weeks back my hubby was out of town for the week on business and my son was in Texas on a hunting trip making it the perfect time to PAINT. For those of you who know me, I HATE TO PAINT and would rather clean toilets any day. I don’t know why it just doesn’t seem like a very rewarding project especially when there’s no color change in the paint.

Painting Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets White and Using Black Cup Handles

But I sucked it up and was determined to get it done when no one was home, I didn’t have to cook, and I could tear the kitchen apart. Who am I kidding my OCD kicked in and every day after I painted I cleaned things up and readied it for the next day. I chose to pace myself with painting, something I’d never have done in my younger years, but I wanted to do a good job; not just hurry to get it done.

Painting Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets White and Using Black Cup Handles

I took all the doors and handles off, unloaded the drawers and started painting. The first day I did the section around the refrigerator. Once the paint dried I put the doors and handles back on. Day two I did the wall side of cabinets where the stove and sink are and day three I tackled the island.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Luckily because I always go with the same color it only takes one coat to freshen them up. So it took me three days to paint and I worked 2 hours each day. I didn’t think 6 hours of work was too bad to have the kitchen looking like new again. I’m really good at keeping up with wiping down cabinets when they look like they need it so I didn’t even have to do any cleaning before I started painting.

The paint on the cabinets from Sherwin Williams and the color’s Lotus Pod with a semi gloss finish. It’s not a bright white and it’s not an off white it’s somewhere in between. I actually had Sherwin William’s designer come out and help me pick the right shade of white I didn’t want anything that picked up an odd undertone color. This girl is quit happy to have this off her to do list! Come back Sunday for the full reveal. 



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  1. Cheryl Major says:

    Holy, you are insipring. You make me want to finish my spring cleaning.
    Your kitchen cabinets look wonderful. I always loved the smell of a freshly painted room. Have a great week

    1. Cheryl, now that you say that I didn’t notice an odor to the paint and never do with Sherwin Williams paint. Now you have me wondering if they do something so it doesn’t have an odor.

  2. Dawn Marie Pinnataro says:

    LOL… I would rather PAINT then clean toilets! I just pulled off 40 + years of wallpaper off my townhouse rental wall , because our complex allows us to wallpaper in our rentals BUT they don’t remove the wallpaper when they lease the units, so you inherit somebody else’s tastes. Well, after 11 years in my unit, I couldn’t take that paper in the kitchen ONE MORE DAY and on Saturday I started picking at it and picking at it and in the end, I did need to re-mud the wall as my guy pulled a little TOO hard and got down to the sheetrock in a few places. I did the mudding and my guy did all the sanding (and I also did the sealer/primer coats). The sanding is awful; I would rather mud the wall any day then sand!!! Anyhoo… your cabinets look great and I love the white! Nice job. My wall came out great too; now I am just awaiting my new decor to come in I ordered for the kitchen – retro diner theme!! Can’t wait. Enjoy your freshly painted kitchen!!!

    1. Dawn, I hate to remove wallpaper and sand too. My oldest is building right now and I’m dreading the drywall portion just because of all that sanding and dust. I bet your kitchen will look fantastic with the retro feel. BTW we have the same first and middle name, LOL.

  3. Kathleen G says:

    I think you made a good decision painting a few hours a day, you had the week:). My regret was that we painted the cupboards a green, very pretty, but through the years, they need to be repainted and now I wished we painted them white, or not at all. We need to paint the living room first.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your beautiful painted kitchen, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen, I feel like white is timeless and never goes out of style. Maybe once you paint the living room you’ll like the green cabinets again or maybe just paint the uppers in white to see if that would work for a while. So far I’ve never regretted the white cabinets, but with the whole house being wood I needed a little color even if it is white.

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