Painting Window Trim and Hanging Shutters

Painting Window Trim and Hanging ShuttersI’m giving you a peek of what I’ve been up too. If you missed the prior posts about shutter placement, shutter color, and trim color you can read them here and here. I’ve had my mom and step dad living with us for the last 3 weeks so when they go out to visit friends I sneak outside onto the ladder and get some painting and shutter hanging done. I don’t want to waste our visit time by painting so I’ve been picking away at it slowly over the last 3 weeks. I have 2 windows to paint today and then I can show you the reveal. 

Painting Window Trim and Hanging ShuttersI painted the trim to match the window casing and that color is Sherwin Williams Analytical Gray. After I did the first window I stepped back and said to myself, oh no was this a mistake, but I carried on and once I got the front of the house painted and the shutters up I fell in love with it. 


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    1. Thank you Carol Im so glad I like what I’ve done, it could have gone terribly wrong and cost a fortune to replace all the cedar trim.

  1. Dawn – beautiful. I love the color of the window trim…it highlights the chinking and variations in the wood – a perfect color!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words I’m loving it too.

    1. Shirley I’m not sure if I’m brave or stupid for climbing the ladder but I have everything done now and I didn’t fall.

  2. Looks really good Dawn. The shutters stand out and the paint choice is spot on.

    1. Thank you Debbie, I was lucky and found a paint that covers in one coat so the project went quickly.

  3. You did such a wonderful job with the shutters and trim…..Your amazing for climbing that ladder, I could never climb that high. Your house is looking picture perfect.

    1. Cheryl I’m not sure if I’m brave or stupid, lol but when I want something done I find a way.

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