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Peony & Vegetable Gathering Basket


Peonies & Gathering Basket

I so happy to have found a flower and vegetable gathering basket while hubby and I was treasure hunting. It’s something that’s been on my want list for some time now and I’ve been keeping an eye out for the perfect fit and this one looks so pretty filled with Peonies.

Peonies, Vegetable Garden, Trellis, Raised Garden Bed

For me I keep an ongoing list of things I’m looking for at garage sales. Does anyone else do the same? A gathering basket was one of those things. I tend to keep things on my list that cost more than I want to spend buying retail and things I know I’ll run across if I just remain patient.

Peonies, Vegetable Garden, Trellis, Raised Garden Bed

Last Saturday hubby asked me if I wanted to go garage sale-ing and of course I said that sounded like fun so we loaded up in his truck. We hit an all city garage sales, those are the best kind, and you can walk from house to house and hunt for goodies.

Peonies and Gathering Basket

The town we were in is full of rich people and I try to hit this sale ever year. I always find things on my list at good prices. There clean and organized sales, no junk.


I was so excited when I found the gathering basket and it only cost $1. Hubby wasn’t nearly as impressed as I was but he’s also not using it so he didn’t care. The basket was new and didn’t even have any dust on it. What a buy, right?

Blooming Peonies

I was quite giddy when we got back into the truck and was so happy to tick it off my garage sale list I have going on my phone. We only had a couple of hours to look that day hubby had a gold game to get to but it was fun while it lasted. I didn’t find anything else that day but that’s okay there’s always another day.

Peonies, Vegetable Garden, Trellis, Raised Garden Bed

My Mother –in-law loves to garage sale so I’ll grab her one weekend and well shop till we drop. I have a sale to hit this Thursday, it’s one a friend has every year where he makes everything in the sale and I’m looking forward to it. You can see the things I got from the sale last year HERE.

Peonies, Vegetable Garden, Trellis, Raised Garden Bed

By the way all the peonies in the photos are from Grama Red, she had a row that was being overrun with weeds and in a shady area where they didn’t produce any longer so I did a little digging and transplanted them at my place. I’m happy to see them blooming this year and will always remember her when they bloom.  


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  1. Dawn those Peonies are just amazing, so glad you were able to rescue them and bring them back to blooming. Perfect basket for gathering them all up!

    1. Shirley, I love peonies and it’s even better when they bloom because it reminds me of her.

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