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Perennial Changes in the Garden

Perennials | Creative Cain CabinI made a trip to town on Thursday to get my eyes checked again, the one that was hit with the baseball just isn’t quite right and it’s taking the doctor some time to pin point whats going on. While I was in the city I had a few errands to run and to make the trip a little enjoyable I stopped into a big box store to see if any perennials were left. 

Perennials | Creative Cain CabinNot only were they still in stock they were in the clearance section, even better. I told myself don’t by any more pink flowers, if you remember I was trying to add different colors to the garden. My coneflower has stopped producing and I only got one bloom this year so that’s the only pink flower I allowed into my cart.

Perennial Garden Flowers | Creative Cain CabinWith everything blooming I can get a better idea about height and plant more appropriately. I purchased 2 of every variety I like them clumped together in one hole for better impact. I’m not fond of one scraggly plant standing alone, I like the full look. 

Perennial Flower | Creative Cain CabinI really like the mix of colors, textures, and heights that I picked out. I hope they look as good once I get them into the ground. It’s supposed to rain all weekends so the ground will be soft for digging and planting.

Landscape Changes | Creative Cain CabinHere’s what I plan to do….remove the yellow flowers along the deck they were the perfect size when I planted them but as they mature they get taller and taller and they block the view. I think I will move them over in front of our propane tank to hide that ugly thing. I’m going to pull out the lily’s, I’m not fond of their foliage or how they spread. And fill in the blank space on the backside of the bed. Come back soon to see how it looks? If anyone has any advice as to what will look good feel free to chime in.


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  1. I agree with moving the tall yellow flowers and they will do a great job hiding a propane tank. There are some good bargains out right now, hope all of yours do well in their new home.

    1. Linda it seems I am always making more work for myself. I hate to just throw the yellow flowers in the weeds so I will tackle the task of making a new bed and moving them.

  2. I need to do this exact same thing. I have a few plants to get rid of and I need something new. I may have to head to Lowes. This weather has been great for working outside too.

    1. Ann I picked mine up at Lowe you should go see what they have left. It has been cold here but warming up with rain this weekend.

  3. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Adding new perennials is a great way to perk up your garden. Thanks for the reminder, I need to add some new varieties and colors too!

    1. Sharon, the work never ends in a garden does it?

  4. I agree that the yellow flowers should be moved. I think a hydrangea would look great in their place if you could find one that doesn’t get very tall.

    1. Diane, those stupid yellow flowers were deck high the fist year and every year they get taller. The new shoots stay short but those tall ones have to go…. I looked at hydrangeas yesterday and they are pricey, thanks for the advice.

  5. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Beautiful selection Dawn..I will have to stop by our Lowes and see what is marked down..

    1. Nancy, ours was just loaded with selection, I’m sure you will find something you love 🙂

  6. Dawn,
    You need to come by me and help me plant perennials. I am good with annuals but not sure on perennials. Yours you picked out look awesome. I bet it will look so pretty where you are putting them. Take pictures after you get them planted. I bet it will look so great.

    1. Kris, that would be great fun getting together and planting, and chatting.

  7. Your place is just amazing. I did major gardening this week, too. The planters were looking ragged, so I replace some things and added flowers here and there. Everything was 50% off. I hope you enjoy your gardening weekend.

    1. Suzanne thank you for stopping in. I hope to spend some time each evening this week and get the garden back in shape. I love it when things are on sale.

  8. I have a HUGE perennial garden and have had to deal with some perennials not producing. I have recently switched over to putting some shrubs in my perennial garden and love the texture difference!

    1. Kelly I just learned you have to fertilize every week once the green is up or you won’t get constant blooms.

  9. Dawn, I’m so glad to know that there are still some perennials available because I’m (slowly) working on adding some more to one of my beds this summer. My intentions have gotten a little sidetracked so I’m off to the big box store tomorrow. Hope I find some on sale like you did! I was going to suggest some small evergreens or cypresses in your bed for some structure when nothing is blooming.

  10. What are those tall yellow flowers that you are moving to the propane tank, I like them?

    1. Susan, I have no idea I got a big batch from a friend who got them from a friend and all I’ve ever heard them called is false sunflowers, so I’m not sure it that’s it or not.

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