Pigeon Birdhouse

White Pigeon BirdhouseI’m calling this my Pigeon Birdhouse because that’s the bird I think this fella resembles. Anyone have a better guess? Anyway I thought it was pretty cute and at a good price so I brought it home. The more I looked at it the more confused I was. The head was like an Eagle but it had a white body…..maybe it’s a mystery birdhouse. I had a truck like that once it seems they had left over parts from two different year and made one truck from them. It was a pain every time it needed parts you never knew what year to purchase for. The vehicle was made in Canada so maybe that’s a common practice there but here in the states it confused the mechanics for sure. 

White Pigeon BirdhouseI picked this guy up at a closeout store called “Ollie’s”. It’s a new store here in my area, about an hour drive one way and whenever hubby and I are out and about we stop in. It’s one of those junk stores like “Big Lots” but every now and again I find something that strikes my fancy. 

White Pigeon BirdhouseMost of my other birdhouses didn’t make it through the winter this year. We had many days with high winds and they all ended up on the ground and smashed to pieces so it was time to start replacing them. I’m not sure how long this one will hold up for but it’s a fun piece to use as garden art. Leave me a comment if you have a better guess as to what kind of bird it’s supposed to be. 


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  1. It’s an Ollie bird.. Lol!! Cute though!!

    1. Shirley it’ a fun conversation piece that’s for sure.

  2. Never heard of trucks being made that way up here, but we are used to being blamed for things, especially the weather. I think our birdhouse should be called the Ollie bird too 🙂

    1. Linda I think that’s a perfect name for the birdhouse.

  3. I agree. It looks like a pigeon. Lets just hope it doesn’t make a mess like a pigeon.

  4. It’s cute and I would go with pigeon.

    1. Debbie thank for the input who would have thought it was so hard to figure out, lol?

  5. It’s a well-fed bird, that’s for sure! I love Ollies and pop in there all the time. I can’t resist buying a cookbook for $2.99 and they have really nice planters at a great price. Hey! They need to hire us to be ambassadors for them, don’t they?

    1. Jane great idea. I’d never heard of them until a store popped up near me recently. It’s fun to look through everything that’s for sure.

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