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Planner & Journal Tips, Ideas, & Supplies

Tips, Ideas, and Supplies For Starting a Journal or Planner. What You'll Need To Get Started Without a Big Expense.Have you jumped on the latest craze where everyone is designing stunning planners and journals? Well I couldn’t resist, especially the artsy side of me. I was a scrapbooker back in the day when it was popular, before digital prints. This to me feels like an updated version of that.

Before you get started let me warn you, you can spend an absolute fortune on all the pretty tidbits that go along with this hobby. For me I had to sit back, think hard, and decided on which of the items I would really use on a daily basis and which of those were just shiny objects that sucked my wallet dry. So below I’ve made a list of things I feel you must have to get started and from there you can add on things that fit your style or budget.

Tips, Ideas, and Supplies For Starting a Journal or Planner. What You'll Need To Get Started Without a Big Expense.I have 3 planners/journals. One is a daily planner where I keep track of that days weather conditions, jot a few notes on what I did that day, and take a photograph to document the event. (More later on how I take the photos, the program I use to print, and the printer I use to get these tiny photos all from home.)


Tips, Ideas, and Supplies For Starting a Journal or Planner. What You'll Need To Get Started Without a Big Expense.

Art Journal Tips, Idea, and Supplies. If you are a beginner you need to read this before making a purchaseMy second journal is an art journal. I keep everything from doodles, photos, and pieces from things like greeting card, stickers, stamps or anything that brightens my day that I want to document and remember. 

Journal and Planner Supplies

Art Journal

Art JournalAnd my third journal is my beautiful, pricy, leather Travelers Notebook that I use like a diary. Now you don’t have to keep three if you don’t like but for me it’s what works out best for the type of journaling and planner organization that I like to keep. 

Travelers NotebookHere’s a list of the things any beginner or newbie needs to purchase:

  • Pick a planner or journal that fits your needs (look through several before making a decision on which one to buy.)
  • Find your style, for me I like to write in my diary journal with black ink, in my art journal with ink and markers, and my daily planner a mix of both also. 
  • Washi tape is inexpensive and adds interest to your page (just don’t go overboard this stuff can add up quickly when purchasing.)
  • Small pair of scissors to cut out photos, or tidbits from newspapers magazines or greeting cards.
  • Glue stick
  • Watercolor paints if you like working with them, if not stick to the markers or journaling pens.
  • Journaling pens, markers, and/or colored pencils.


Art Journal

There’s no right or wrong way to journal or add to your planner, over time you’ll find your style and develop a flow that looks cohesive. One of my favorite things to purchase at garage sales is a vintage children’s books, they’re great for cutting up and adding to an art journal. Also remember to use those 40% off coupons from the craft stores when making purchases. Another tip is make sure the paper is good quality and the pens and markers you use don’t bleed through to the next page. 

Here’s a list of the products I’m currently using:

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    I am very interested in knowing the printer and program you use for the small pics in your journaling!

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