Continuous Blooms For a Cut Flower Garden

Cut Flower Arrangement

Every year I pant a few raised garden beds filled with annual flower for a cut flower garden and just yesterday I ordered more seeds. My thoughts are to eliminate the vegetable garden all together this year or making it extremely small. I hate the fight I have keeping the deer out of it, my fishing line fence seems to work the best but I’m not sure I’m up for the challenge. We have so many other outdoor projects happening at the cabin this year I’m not sure I’ll find the time to babysit a veggie garden.

Cut Flower Arrangement

I plant my cut flower garden seeds so tight together there’s not room for weeds to grow, making it maintenance free and the reward is a beautiful display of constant colorful blooms all summer long.

Cut Garden Flower Bouquet

I have my favorites mostly because they never fail me but I did a two new ones this year into the mix, mostly for the color but I’m anxious to see how they do. I always buy from Eden Brothers online, not only do they have a wide variety they sell in bulk, which is how I like to buy flower seeds. I take a handful of each variety, mix them all in a bag, and broadcast them over the soil. No neat rows for me, it’s just a lovely mix of color when it all starts to bloom. 

Best Flower to Plant for A Cut Flower Garden

Many of the seeds I plant come back every year on their own as long as I shake the dead head into the garden bed at the end of the season. There’s nothing better than free seeds, right?

Here’s what I’m planting this year:




Bishops Flower


Zinnia Cactus Mix

Daisy Gloriosa Mix

The new ones to my collection are the Bishops Flower (I thought the garden needed a little white in it) and the Cornflower (just because I love the color). Do you plant a cut flower garden and if so tell me your favorite tried and true blooms.




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  1. Kathleen G says:

    Happy Easter Dawn and family!
    We use to plant flowers and some veggies here, looking at some backyard pics the other day. Important to plant where you live too. So I enjoy looking at bloggers landscapes where they live. Understand about the veggie garden and who doesn’t love a wildflower look!
    Enjoy this Blessed day, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I so adore a beautifully landscaped yard and a weed free garden but I just don’t have thet time for it so simple is what works best for me. Now I need to get the raised garden beds all planned out before I randmly start placing things together that don’t work.

  2. Dawn, I’m so glad you shared this! I was thinking the same thing, turning the majority of my veggie garden into a cutting flower garden. Your tips are really helpful. I never thought to mix them in a bag first and will try that. I love zinnias and they seem to last a long time after cutting. I’ll try some of the flowers you noted, too. My grandmother used to have a beautiful cutting garden of mum varieties. She always had fresh flowers in her home that she arranged. Thanks again for your tips!

    1. Jennifer I always love fresh flowers and I grow what’s easy and continues to bloom. Im not one for having to babysit plants. Either grow or I pluck you out, LOL>

  3. Would share the name of the seed company you use?

    1. Eden Brothers Sara, there’s a clickable link in the post if you want to use it.

    1. Shirley I need to till the spots in the next few weeks and get my plan in order. Less veggies and more flowers this year 🙂

    2. I would like to start a flower cut garden this year, how many seeds do you tend to buy? I looked at the link, just wondering if you buy by the packet or the oz.

      1. Steph, it depends on how many square feet you have to work with. I like to purchase by the ounce its cheaper and I over buy and over plant to keep the area full (very little space between seeds). Whatever seed your buying should tell you how many square feet it covers so you’ll have to do a little math to purchase correctly. Any seeds I don’t plant I put in the freezer and use the following year with great success so at least they won’t go unused.

  4. When do you sow your flower seeds? In the fall or spring? If you sow in the spring, do you wait til last frost? Your flowers are beautiful. You said that you grow them closely together to keep out weeds. Do you hand sow the seeds? Thank you for your helpful tips.

    1. Georgia yes I plant heavily leaving no space, just scatter the seeds by hand in the spring.

  5. Hi Dawn, I’m assuming all these flowers are deer resistant?

    1. Martha if you want the deer to stay away add a little catmint to the mix, they hate it and won’t get near your blooms.

  6. I lived in deer country for a while too. I remember when I reaped a bounty of 13 tomatoes and the neighbors came by to see the sight for themselves! Thanks for the tips on flowers – Eden surely has a great selection and I can hardly contain my excitement as I await planting time.

    1. Jan I can’t wait to get planting too. It’s snowing here today so I can only dream for now, but I love having a cut garden it saves so much money on fresh flowers for the house.

  7. thanks for sharing your tips, your flowers are beautiful and you have given me a lift due to feeling guilty about preferring flowers over veggies. am new to this pinterest stuff and will check out eden brother’s seed co. I agree about the catmint; one of my favorite mounding border plants. smells so good and so easy to propagate.
    I also love to cut my peonies; they make great cut flowers b/c they don’t hold up well after a rain. blessings

    1. Sylvia, my Grama gave me a bunch of Peonies she divided last year, and they are about 2 feet tall right now and covered with buds. I can’t wait to have them as cut flowers in my house. If I remember right when I was a kid they always seemed to be covered with ants, so I’ll have to check for that before bringing them inside.

  8. It’s great that you are getting ideas from this post as well as from our argument madе at this time.

  9. WOW! Your flower arrangements are stunning!
    Do you plant the seeds all at once? What time of year do you start? Is yours full or partial sun?

    1. Ellen, I pant the very end of May or the first week of June. I plant all the seeds at once in a raised garden bed in full sun. I do water them often too, the raised beds dry out faster.

  10. I love these flowers and I am planning to start a garden this year! Do you have any insight on the flowers you suggested and I’d try attract any type of obnoxious insects…mostly curious about bees and mosquitos! Thanks 🙂

    1. Tina my go to flowers are always sunflowers, cosmos, and zinnias they all bloom nicely and keep producing.

  11. So you mix all the seeds together in a bag and then just sprinkle, by hand, on to the soil and water??? This is amazing. I am going to try this next year! Do you mind to share what types of sunflowers, zinnia and cosmos you buy? Just wondering about varying heights!

  12. Do you work the seeds into the soil? Or just sprinkle them on top and water them? I’m anxious to plant seeds, I saved the dried seeds from my Lilliput zinnias last fall and will be planting my own seeds for the first time. Your cut flowers are beautiful!

    1. Tara, Yes I do add a small amount of soil over the seeds so the birds don’t pick them clean, and then water them. Zinnias are the perfect flower to save seeds from and replant; you won’t be disappointed, they are easy to grow.

  13. love this post! I am planting my first cut flower garden this year, in raised beds because I have drainage issues and heavy clay soil. All I see online is people planting vegetable gardens but for me it’s the goal of having year round cut flowers!

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