Power Has Been Restored

Bird House in Winter

I am thrilled to announce we have “POWER”….. as of Christmas night. I have decided going Amish just isn’t for me. I don’t mind not having tv but I would like some modern conveniences when the mood strikes. We have 3 generators, a friend borrowed one and we blew our other 2 up before it was over, luckily we were about 30 minutes without a generator before the power came back on. Talk about perfect timing. I now have the generators in the back of the truck to take to the repair shop in hopes of getting them back before another storm hits. 


Barn in Winter

Hubby took Christmas Day off from restoring power to others and since I didn’t think we would be able to make Christmas dinner we headed out for Chinese food and on our way we spotted the power company’s trucks one road down from us. Let just say our stomaches did a lurch in hopes that meant they were working on our lines. Hubby pulled along side their truck and asked how things were looking, they asked for our address, plugged it into their computer and said you will have power tonight. Ah music to my ears I was tired of hearing that generator all night long (and we have the quiet series). They said it would be 2-3 hours before it would be back on but we were glad to hear that time frame.


Icy branch

So we told them we were going for Chinese take out and would like to bring them some dinner, and off we went for a warm meal and talk about how we couldn’t wait for things to return to normal. My kitchen was in a bad state of needing to be cleaned, I didn’t dare run the dishwasher and overload the generator so dishes were stacked in the sink and anyone who nows me knows I would never leave dirty dishes in the sink. I vacuum every day sometimes several times a day so I couldn’t wait to give the house a good vacuuming. With pets this is a must with wood floors. My hubby is still working very long hours restoring power and said it may end soon, Michigan has been bought out of everything needed to do the job. He is really scrimping and searching to find the parts to reconnect everyones power.



There are still so many without power and I am hearing people say their house has hit 30 degrees inside and they are still living there. The warming shelters are full and people just don’t have anywhere to go, or can’t afford to leave the situation. It was costing us about $60 a day to keep the generators going and we had to drive 40 minutes just to get fuel on a daily basis, I know many people can’t afford the expense in this economy. I know I am thankful for all we have and thankful for having a wonderful family and blogging community, so many have reached out and sent me a message making sure we are all right and safe. Thank you to everyone!!







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  1. I am so happy to hear your power is back on….such a huge relief! I’m like you…a sinkful of dirty dishes is not the norm in my house…but you have to make the best of a terrible situation. I had planned to join my hubby today, taking his Mom home from spending Christmas with us (she hasn\t lost power) but my sister called last evening….her power went out again & it has been reported it will be two days before they repairs are complete!! Thankfully, she is warm & safe at her daughter-in-law’s parents…they have a generator to run their pellet stove for heat. Electric crews from our electric company have gone to New Brunswick to assist in the repairs.
    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that your power is on to stay!!

    1. Charlotte I hope our power stays on too. My besties has gone out again 🙁 I loved our pellet stove, you can even operate one on a car battery if you have too. It is such a warm heat and watching the flame is relaxing. Thanks so much for checking in!

  2. Such good news that you got your power back. I’m sure everyone was very appreciative of the things we take for granted. Enjoy cleaning and getting back to normal. Hope those generators don’t cost a lot to have fixed, but it is best to be prepared in case the same scenario happens again.

    1. Linda, my hubby would fix the generator himself but he is to busy and you are right I am hoping it will be a quick easy fix I want to be prepared before anything else happens.

  3. I’m so glad you are somewhat back to normal. It’s such a weird feeling to be uncomfortable in your own house. Enjoy feathering your nest and getting it back to how you like it!

    1. Thanks Ann I am working hard to get everything clean and caught up 🙂

  4. Not to borrow trouble but are they predicting when the ice will melt? And will that cause problems like flooding? That’s what happens here in the PNW and in Minnesota where my hubby grew up. His family farm is on the Red River of the North just south of Fargo/Moorhead and things can be a mess when ice and snow begin to melt. Anyway, hope the ice melts without problems and you just get a lovely white blanket of snow instead.

    1. Barb ours is supposed to be gone by Sunday and then a cold drop again into the teens and single digits. They are saying on the news to update your insurance to include flood protection. Where I live it is very high so it wont be a problem.

  5. anita roth says:

    Soooooooo happy to hear that you have your power back! We had a ice storm many years back in our area.We were with out power for 5 days.My youngest took to reading the newpaper. .Also a few weeks back we were without water for a week.due to the cold weather, the pump in our well was having a problem.I’m so thankful that my husband can fix these things,it would be so expensive to have someone come out and fix it.I think if had to pick I would would go without power,than water.

    Hope your days are better!

    1. Anita I agree not having water is horrible. I am also lucky and hubby can fix anything. I did like your son with magazines, I got caught up on 3 months worth that have been waiting for me. I also dug a book out of storage to read. I love to read and seldom find the time, so that was something good that came out of it.

  6. So glad to hear you now have power, and thanks so much for the updates on how things are going at home. We are from Saginaw, but living in CO right now. I get a much better idea of what’s going on from you than the national news.also have a friend in Corunna which also was hit pretty bad. Here’s to hoping the rest of your winter is fairly uneventful…. At least in the weather department!


    1. Linda, I have an Aunt in Owosso and it was a very badly hit area as well as Lansing. I hope the rest of our winter weather is uneventful too 🙂

  7. Dawn
    I’m so glad you were able to stay in your home even if it was so expensive!
    This is our first year without any back-up system or wood as a heat source.
    I am just praying we don’t have any power outage!
    You take care now…

    1. Kim, we are going to buy the old fashioned cast iron wood stove that just radiates heat and put it in our living room. Our house is open concept so it should heat the entire place in case of an emergency and we have plenty of wood now with all the downed trees.

  8. I so remember the days with no power after the hurricanes; however, we did not have to deal with the bitter cold. I hope that this is the first and last ice storm you have to deal with the winter. Praying for all those still without power that it will be restored soon. I bet you were never so happy to be vacuuming again.

    1. Shirley, never thought I would be glad to clean and vacuum. Thanks for popping by !

  9. Wow-that’s crazy! We were out of power for 2 days one winter and had to go stay with my parents because it got so cold!
    Sounds like you made the best of your situation…thank goodness your power is back!

    1. Susan, yes I am so thankful 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Dawn,
    So happy to hear the power is back on. That is such a blessing for you I know. This has been a long time without electricity. I hope your whole area is up and running soon. Now to just keep the ice storms away. Happy to hear you are getting electricity again.

    1. Kris, Michigan was declared a state of emergency yesterday due to the power outages. I’m not sure what goes along with that but maybe some financial help to people who lost so much.

  11. We’re working toward a possible cabin lifestyle very soon. We’ve thought about trying to go without power, but I don’t know that we can survive, lol! Hopefully I can learn enough about solar and wind power to not use the power company!

    1. Russ, our ideas when we built was to do solar and wind also. After figuring the cost, 3 generations would have to live in the house before the cost was returned. I would love to be totally off the grid, more power to you if you can do it!

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