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How to Prep & Paint Metal Deck Furniture {Video Tutorial}

How to Prep and Paint Metal Deck Furniture, Video Tutorial IncludedFirst I have an announcement, CCC is breaking into the video world. Blogging is changing and we live in a world where people would prefer to watch a video tutorial rather than read step by step instructions. So I’m changing with the times and let me tell you a few things I’ve learned. The video and editing part is easy but oh my when I watched myself back it wasn’t pretty. First it didn’t sound like my voice at all (at least not to me), I looked so fat (fatter than I thought I was), I looked old and I actually debated on just ditching the video altogether. But then I said to myself I am what I am and I’m not going to try and hide what I look like. It was an eye opener for me because It took me to the age of 50 to realize (about myself) that looks aren’t everything. 

I also learned I need to smile more when I shoot video, and watch for small slip ups like where I trip in the video and almost have a near miss of plumber crack exposure. It was windy the day I did it and I kept blinking and sniffing because my eyes and nose were running, but other than that it turned out great {insert huge laugh here}. 

So let me tell you briefly what the project is about and you can watch the 5 minute video to see it all. What I did was spray paint our outdoor metal furniture. I took it from hunter green to black in 20 minutes. I think that’s pretty good for 4 chairs and $6 in paint. 

Grill Located on The Back Deck so I can Enjoy the Scenery While I BBQHere you can see the before color. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, it just wasn’t for me and since I’m trying to make my home more neutral these days I felt the black would work out better for years to come. 

How to Prep and Paint Metal Deck Furniture, Video Tutorial IncludedDid you happen to notice I’m using 2 of the HD ferns  in the corner. They’re in my vintage laundry cart and it worked out perfect as a plant stand. I added a couple of solar lights to the ferns and they look pretty at night. The yellow outdoor pillows are from Joann Fabrics. I was standing in line to pay and had 2 in my cart when a kind lady handed me a coupon for $25 off a $75 purchase, I quickly added up what I had in my cart and decided by spending $2 more I could add two more pillows to my purchase for free so that’s what I did. I’m using yellow on the front porch too this years and if you stop back on Sunday you can see a photo heavy post on my decorated porch. 

How to Prep and Paint Metal Deck Furniture, Video Tutorial IncludedOur back deck has a view over the pond and the corn field, it’s the perfect place to sip tea and watch the deer play. You can watch the how to tutorial below and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel for more upcoming tutorials.  

 For those of you unable to watch the video here’s what I did
With a wire brush aggressively brush over any existing rust to remove chipping and peeling paint. 
  • With a microfiber cloth wipe entire chair free of dust and dirt.
  • Add drop cloth under chair if painting on a surface you don’t want overspray on.
  • Spray paint color of your choice (with a Rustoleum paint) using a side to side sweeping motion making sure to overlap each stroke for proper coverage.
  • Let top side dry, flip chair over, and repeat spray process to underneath side.
  • Let dry.
  • Enjoy!



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  1. They REALLY look nice in the black. We did this to an old metal patio set a couple of years ago…. the only paint we had on had was John Deere GREEN! I would have loved black, and if we ever do them again our choice will be black. We have had the set since 1998…. how crazy is that! LOL

    Those yellow pillows really make your set pop. xo

    1. Diane the old stuff is the well made stuff. Last summer I gave away our iron set of deck furniture that had been in the family since the 70’s it was so heavy and durable but I no longer had a place for it and hate clutter hanging around. Im happy that I picked black I think it will go with everything for years to come.

      1. Dawn…Did you paint the undersides, of the furniture?

        1. Sharon yes I did. I don’t think I would have had to but I’m picky and it would have botherd me to leave it green.

    1. Thank you Shirley black is a much better neutral color.

  2. Great tutorial Dawn .. I like the black too.. Every thing looks so nice and inviting!

    1. Thank you Melissa it’s always nice to freshen things up.

  3. Kathleen G says:

    I use spray paint too and using the pump handle makes it easier on your hands. Love the results and what a view! Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen that trigger is a lifesaver, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.

  4. They turned out great Dawn. Your video tutorial was good, nice to hear your voice. I love the trigger for the spray can, need to get one as I’ve got some painting to do … a couple of obelisks, a table and chair set that is now only for display and a few smaller garden ornaments. I keep waiting for a nice day with no wind to do it … one of these days the weather will co-operate.

    Catching up on some other posts as I’ve been neglecting blog visiting for a few days. Love Gramma Red and how active she is, sure hope I’m like her when I get to that age.

    1. Linda oh yes invest in a trigger you will love it. We always have a lot of wind at my place, Im no a hill with farm land around me so it’s hard to get a calm day so I just paint and hope the majority hits the project. We all want to be Grama Red when we grow up, lol.

  5. Good tips, Dawn. The black is definitely a better colour than the green!
    I will have to purchase one of those triggers. It looks so handy.
    I use a lot of spray paint too.

    1. Kim I would never paint again without the tigger. I’ve had mine for years and they never give out.

  6. Carole Alden says:

    I can’t hear so I don’t usually watch these. I hope you will give detailed instructions.

    1. Carole sure I will go back and add the into the text sometime today for you 🙂

  7. Dawn,

    Great job! Go easy on yourself!


    1. LOL Anne yew we are our worst critics for sure!

  8. Carole Alden says:

    Thanks Dawn, I love the older ones too. The paint helps protect from rust and changing the color just makes every thing look new.

    1. Carole I agree the black paint gives them new life again. Makes me feel I got new furniture.

  9. Hi Dawn, You did a great job with your video. And, love the black chairs. Yes, at some point we
    say to ourselves, hey this is who I am. By the way. You look fabulous.

    1. Aw Diana how sweet of you. Yes I guess I have to admit I don’t look like Im 20 any longer.

  10. You did a great job making the video. Why are we so hard on ourselves ?, At 54 I am finally feeling comfortable with whom I am. I also never knew about a can trigger sprayer …I learn something new, every time , I read your blog !

    1. Cheryl yes we are our own worst critics. Wow that video was an eye opener, lol. You have to buy a trigger you will never paint again without one.

  11. David Crymes says:

    How many cans of spray paint did it take for two chairs? You said you spent six dollars on paint and one can of rustoleum costs that much and more. Did you use Rustoleum Hemmerite? Thanks, David

    1. David I used 2 cans of the Rustoleum with rust inhibitor in it. 2 cans did 4 chairs.

  12. Well done, you look so cute!

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