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Purple Loosestrife

Purple Loosestrife | Wildflower | Creative Cain CabinAnother wildflower score and hubby actually got out and did the cutting this time. Purple Loosestrife grows in marshy, swampy areas and I think he was afraid I would sink in up to my armpits so he wanted to do the cutting. Fine by me, I sat in the truck where there were no mosquitos and watched. He does good, look at that huge bouquet.

Purple Loosestrife | Wildflower | Creative Cain CabinThe purple beauties grow on a road that floods year round and it happens to be my route to the grocery store so I know right when they’re ready for the cutting. Luckily we all drive big trucks or SUV’s so driving through the flooded road is no problem. The county rerouted the dam in town and now it’s causing the water routs to take alternative paths and it’s been flooded for years. I guess we are all just used to it in our town and either pick a different path or bust through the water creating a wake behind us. Sometimes the water is halfway up our vehicle doors.

Purple Loosestrife | Wildflower | Creative Cain CabinI chose to put the Loosestrife on the porch because I noticed there were tiny muscles attached to the flowers (I’m sure due to the wet nature of where they grow). I didn’t feel like finding them all over my dining room table so outside the arrangement would stay. Did you notice the “Egg Sign” it was made and sent to me by a fellow blogger Tammy from Homespun Happenings. Thanks Tammy! I think the next wildflower to bloom in my area is the goldenrod so stay tuned for some arrangements made from that glorious golden flower.


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    1. Linda, it grows in the marshy areas here to. Im not sure if it is invasive or not.

  1. Dawn
    The purple blooms are so dainty and pretty!
    I’ve been collecting a lot of wildflowers the last few weeks too.
    Fall is showing it’s face around here already, how about there?

    1. Kim, The tops of some of the maple trees are starting to change color. I think fall is close for us too.

  2. Love the porch vignette you did with the purple blooms in the bucket. Love the eggs sign and that rocking chair well it just ROCKS! LOL! Love it all Dawn. Have a great week end.

    1. Kris, Thank you 🙂 Are you having strange weather there? We are getting lots of fog, rain, and humidity.

  3. Now THAT is a dedicated wild flower gatherer – through a flooded road to your harvest!! They are beautiful. I love the white barn star behind them.

    1. Barb, I’m not sure what got into him. LOL

  4. We have it growing on our property in a few spots. I know it is considered invasive in some parts, but it seems to be fairly contained here and I really love that splash of purple.


    1. Claudia, it doesn’t seem to be a problem here either but maybe Im just not aware of it.

  5. Oh this is perfect. Wildflowers in a vintage bucket. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you Ann, we are seeing signs of fall here, how bout you?

    1. Thank you Susan, our summer is almost over here the leaves are starting to turn color already so I will have fall on my mind.

  6. Although lovely to see, purple loosestrife is invasive in most states. I used to live in NY where it is a terrible problem as it chokes out native species found in damp, wet and marshy areas. The wild life in those areas suffer because they can’t feed on the plants that would normally grow there. It is an invasive species in several states.

    1. Debbie, I didn’t know that, its so pretty too 🙂

  7. Loosestrife is an invasive plant in Michigan as well. We are encouraged to cut it and it bag or burn it so that it can’t reproduce.

  8. Purple loosestrife has been labeled the “purple plague” because of its widespread devastation to natural communities. The species is included on the Nature Conservancy’s list of “America’s Least Wanted –The Dirty Dozen.” More than thirty states, including Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, have passed legislation restricting or prohibiting the plant’s importation and sale.

    If you go to Michigan State University Extension page, there are several articles on all of the invasive species. The first one I went to I typed in the word “purple loosestrife” and there were a lot of articles on it. Check the sites below.


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