Purple Martin House

Purple Martin Birdhouse

Boy have we been taking advantage of the nice warm days here. Hubby was kind enough to put up my Purple Martin house this week. Look at all those rooms in that mansion. I’ve wanted one for quite some time but didn’t want to pay the price. Have you looked lately, a decent size house runs from $300-$900? That’s certainly out of my price range, but lucky me my friend Lisa had purchased this one for $30 at a craft sale and never used it and said I could have it. Let’s just say I was jumping for joy, I really got excited over it. It’s made from old barn wood so it fit into our surrounding quite nicely and was just what I was looking for.

Taking Down Old Satleite Dishes and Using the Pole for a Purple Martin House

I had the perfect spot picked out for it, the place our old satellite dishes were mounted; since we no longer use them I had hubby take them down (what an eyesore anyway). The wooden pole is cemented into the ground and I knew it would look funny standing in the yard with no purpose, but now I love it with the Martin House atop.

Purple Martin House with Purple Clematis Vine

I photoshopped the purple clematis into this photo because that’s what I intend on planting around the base. Don’t you think it will look so pretty? I already have the vine I just need to get it planted, and I think I’ll add chicken wire around the pole so the clematis has something to hang onto.

Purple Martin House

The house has nesting boxes on each side so there’s room for 24 guests. I guess I’ll just have to sit tight in hopes someone moves in.


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  1. Dawn, luv it all. Your wonderful hubby just like mine. Always helpful and understands your love of decorating , gardening etc. what a guy! My Ron did my potting shed redo last summer (see my blog). We r so lucky. My Martin house from Walmart about 10 yrs ago , for $39.95 pole included (ha). Clematis grt idea.

    1. OMG for $39 what a bargain and with the pole, I couldn’t find anything in that price range that fit my style.

  2. I love the Purple Martin house….they say they help with the mosquitos…love the idea about the Clematis….I have Confederate Jasmine growing up my bird house and it has overtaken it…I need to try the Clematis!….How sweet of your friend to gift you the bird house!!

    1. Shirley anything to help with the mosquitos would be great. I looked at the Confederate Jasmine today it’s so pretty, if you keep it trimmed does it stay under control or is that not a possibility. I know I have the best friends.

  3. Another win win. Great idea putting it up on the post. I love clematis plants as I have four of them. They soften and hide so many things!

    1. Debbie hubby ran over my purple one with the lawnmower on Saturday so I went and purchased a hot pink one, if the purple comes back up I will dig it up and move it to the post and have 2 colors of flowers.

      1. That’s a bummer. They are pretty hardy and I bet it will come back. I have had rabbits nibble on them and they re-grow. Just takes a long time.

        1. Debbie I just purchased another one yesterday. I’ll plant that and once the old one comes up I’ll move it and have double the blooms.

  4. Your purple martin house is the cutest thing ever. It looks so cozy with the clematis plant . It pays to have a wonderful man !!

    1. Cheryl yes he’s the best he goes along with all my hair brained ideas without much complaint lol.

  5. Bernadette says:

    My son, Gus, would like to build me a Purple Martin house and I love this style. Any chance you could send us the measurements of it?
    Thanks and God Bless!

  6. Dawn, thanks for sharing your Martin house. Been looking for a plan, and I really like yours. Hope you don’t mind if I build its twin for near my pond. I can figure the measurements from information on room required for Martin nest cavity I will post it when complete. Thank you and your good guy husband. Godbless

  7. Ben Dougherty says:

    Very nice,any chance to get plans

  8. Folks,
    Please research the gracious Purple Martins. While they are very human friendly, they do not like vegetation growing up their housing supports (Poles and posts) for fear of predators climbing up and destroying their young. In fact, predator guards around the poles/posts are highly recommended. Also, be sure to keep competitors, like the English House Sparrow, European Starling and Tree Swallow from setting up house. Until the Purple Martin’s nesting site fidelity is established, these competitors might keep the Martins from ever nesting in your houses. Here is a good article on these wonderful birds. Best of luck.

  9. Looks cool, but without predator guards this will become a snake platter. I live by the Francis Marion Forest is S.C. I know from experience.

  10. Karen Mayer says:

    Love your cabin purple martin house. Would you be so kind in sharing the plans/measurements. We are going to build some for this year. We couldn’t even set outside last summer 2018 because of the mesquites. Thank you Karen

    1. Karen, it was a gift from a friend and she purchased it at a craft sale. If the weather ever gets better I’ll have hubby get out the ladder and see if he can write down the measurements. Right now its below zero and too cold to do.

  11. Dear Dawn, I love this big bird house and my husband and I want to build it too.
    Do you have measures for us?
    That would be fine.

    Kind regards
    Claudia (from Western Germany)

    1. Claudia I’m so sorry I don’t have the dimensions 🙁

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