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Red, White, and Blue Porch



Can you believe June is almost over and we’re headed into July? Here in Michigan June’s been a cool wet month so I’m looking forward to July being a little nicer. Just yesterday I got outside and did a little July 4th Red, White, and Blue decorating on the front porch.

Red White and Blue Porch, 4th of July
Red White and Blue Porch, 4th of July

Yesterday was my Mama in heavens birthday, it’s the first birthday without her, and I’d decided I wasn’t going to decorate the porch this year. After feeling sorry for myself I thought maybe if I did it would take my mind off everything and brighten my mood. 

Red, White, Blue, 4th of July Porch, Rustic Vintage Decor, Log Home
4th of July Decor, Red White and Blue,

I knew last year after the 4th I’d purchased new flag bunting to use this year so I went in search of them. I’d never taken them out of the package and to my surprise they were much smaller than I anticipated. My intentions were for them to stretch the entire length of the front side of the porches roofline. As you can see that wasn’t the case so I improvised and made due.

Log Home Exterior July 4th
Red, White, and Blue Decor. 4th of July

I searched the cabin for pillows in red, white, and blue but only came up with blue and white. I’ve long gotten rid of everything red in our home so blue it is this time. I did find red and white buffalo check fabric in my stash but I wasn’t in the mood to sew pillow covers. I stepped back and admired the simplicity of it all and decided it worked just fine.

4th of July, Red White Blue Decor, Porch
Red White and Blue 4th of July Patriotic Porch Decor

After poking a few American flags around into my flower containers I thought it looked quite festive and not overdone. Just the look I needed, and it did take my mind off of things. Finding joy in what I was doing is just what my Mom would have wanted.

4th of July, Red White Blue, Porch Decor
Red White Blue, 4th of July, Patriotic Porch Decor

Right after I finished decorating and taking a few photos a huge storm blew in, whipped all the pillows from the furniture, toppled plants, soaked the deck, and even tore flags from the plants. It came and went so quickly I didn’t even have time to react. Once it was over I headed out and righted all it’s undoing again.

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  1. It looks great Dawn! Your flags and the little touches of red are just right. I’m sure it made your Mom smile to see you doing what you love!

    1. JoAnne, I sure hope so it certainly was a hard day.

  2. Looks awesome! We are heading into a Canada Day long weekend….July 1st! It’s raining here today….and forecast for the whole weekend! Ugh…if that Is the case I won’t be adding some red and white to our decks.
    Have a happy and blessed July 4th!

    1. Charlotte, it seems to either be raining or so hot and humid I can’t stand it. I wish we’d get a normal summer.

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