Relocating the Reptile

Look what was found hiding in the grass, right by my clothes line.
 A big ole Snapping Turtle.
I didn’t want him hanging around taking up residency in our pond.
 Hubby gave him a ride down to the stream.  
I sure hope that’s where he stays.

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  1. Ewwww…he looks mean! I wouldn’t want him hanging around either!

  2. Oh I hope so Dawn, he looks a little angry!!

  3. Yikes, he looks like he could easily have taken off a toe! Hope he stays where your hubby put him.

  4. We don’t have those here in Newfoundland. I not sure how I would react. but I’m glad you got some photos. thanks. and your flowers look beautiful by the way. Have a great day.

  5. We have a pond and a park/walking trail in our neighborhood with turtles. Had to save one of the buggers from certain death who had decided to wander down the sidewalk towards the busy street (he’d gotten quite far!). Glad I always keep a small blanket in my trunk!

  6. They ARE kind of scary, aren’t they? When we had our house in FL the kids went down to the stream and PICKED UP a big old SNAPPING turtle, toted it home in a wagon, and put it in our pool. I about had a heart attack-Glad YOUR guy found a new home! xo Diana

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