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How to Restore Wood Floors For $5 {UPDATE}

How to Restore Wood Floors for $5 | Easy To Do, All You Need is a Microfiber Mop | creativecaincabin.comI’m back with an update on my floors (f you missed the previous post you can see it here).

Here’s what I have learned…..so far I love the Quick Shine Floor Finish and can estimate it lasting about one month in my home before needing a recoat. Now take into consideration I have lots of traffic with pets and kids.

We never take off our shoes and we track in mud, sand, gravel, barnyard debris and who knows what else. So someone who has light traffic and takes off their shoes shouldn’t need to do it that often.  

I also have to mop my floors every day and noticed if I use our water (well water) the floors have a dull haze look to them. My first thought was crap….don’t tell me all that hard work and one mopping destroyed it all??

Quick Shine Floor Finish & Cleaner | Creativecaincabin.comQuick Shine Floor Finish  and the Quick Shine Floor Cleaner

I wasn’t about to be defeated so I ran to the big box store and purchased the Quick Shine Floor Cleaner and gave it a whirl. Love this product too, all you do is squirt it on the floor and use a microfiber mop to clean with. Well I’m happy to report that did the trick, no dull hazy look anymore. Either you have to use these products together or it’s just my water but for how inexpensive it is, $3, I won’t try to come up with another method.

I am sold…..

Has anyone tried it on your floors yet? I am anxious to see if anyone else is hooked like I am? 


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    1. Kris, yes it is… big bang for the buck 🙂

  1. Hi Dawn, Where did you buy this at? Sounds like something I could use.

    1. Janet, I purchased mine at Menards but I have seen it at Walmart too.

  2. Quick Shine products by Holloway House are the best. No visible residue, a shine that can’t be beat and if you put a few coats on it lasts a very long time. I have used it on vinyl and I am glad to hear the same good results can be expected with wood floors.

    1. Michele, Glad to hear it works well on vinyl too. I love their products, and you’re right for the price you just cant beat it .

    1. Susan, me too…. it works great, I just finished mopping ours again. After all that freezing rain, that turned to mud I can hardly keep up.

  3. Sherry Fabre says:

    Does this work on every type of wood floors?

    1. It says it works on wood, laminate, stone, linoleum, so I think it’s safe to use on any type of flooring.

  4. Can you show or tell me what kind of mop you used? Thanks in advance!

  5. i also just discovered this great product. I have lamininte floor in my kitchen and have always had a problem with it looking hazey when ever I washed it. Even used the steam cleaning route. We also have well water. The quick shine worked wonders! We have two small dogs and three grandchildren in and out. It took two coats and daily sweeping my shine is about a month old. Just have to spot clean. Will definetly try the cleaner!

    1. Jane, it sounds like we have the same situation. Today I need to do mine again, it is a quick process though so I don’t mind.

  6. I’m going to give this a try! We have laminate wood floors and ceramic tile. No matter what I do they never look good. My laminate floors always look dull and streaky after steam moping, using a swifer mop, ect. Hopefully this does the trick!!

    1. Jaime, I have a friend that swears the swiffer product is what ruined the finish on her laminate floors. I think you will love this product.

  7. Dawn – Thanks for the info, I am headed to the store tomorrow to see if I can the product, my living room floors are in need of
    a pik-me-up I refinished them about 10 years ago and I too have pets in and out, they have seen some traffic in the years and I have been looking for a easy yet simple solution short of another tome consuming re-finish! I will post a before and after pic if thats ok after I find the product ( if I find it) to let you know. Thanks again! TimG

    1. Tim, yes I would love to see your floors. You can find the product at Walmart and Menards for sure. I also have pets and they destroy wood floors. It is a very quick and easy fix for sure.

  8. I have been using this product for about 7 years now I love it, I have never tried the cleaner before. I will have to try it. I have always used my regular mop to mop the floors and to put the

    1. the quick shine on with. I do know it goes on better when the floor has dried first after being cleaned. I did read your first post on this first and seen that you were steam cleaning your wood floors. That could have allot to do with your finish coming off so quickly. You are to use very little water on wood floors and steam cleaning them pushes allot of water into the grain, especially if the finish isn’t all sealed anymore. I use to use a steam cleaner and I ruined the finish quickly we refinished the floors and I never used a steam cleaner again and the floors have held up so much better with he same 8 people and animals on them.

      1. Carla, I think the biggest problem is they are just cheap pine floors, not hardwood 🙂

    2. Carla, I’ve been mopping every day right now with all the mud. I can’t wait for it to dry up so I can add the shine to it again.

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