Retainer Wall Build, and Planting a Dry Creek Bed

 Retainer Wall Build for a Walkout BasementI’m back to share with you our little secret of what’s been going on in our backyard. Remember where I decided to paint the basement wall only to come home to hubby digging up the backyard? Well this was only the beginning of our little construction projects, a retaining wall. 

Walkout Basement Retainer Wall Build Using Split FaceAnd yes I’m going to share with you all the ugly photos of the work being done because construction sites just aren’t staged or very tidy. Hubby has all his tools and things laying around while he’s completing the wall build. If you missed all the digging for this project you can see it here

Retainer Wall Build on Walkout Basement This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time but never got around to it, and I have no idea why hubby decided to start it when he did. I’m thinking he didn’t want to be outdone with my paint project, lol. And you’ll notice once the dirt was removed to add the retainer wall I have more painting to do. Luckily I have a little left and hopefully it’s enough to paint the portion that was unearthed with all the digging. (The wall is wet on the bottom side, and I love all the colors it brings out when it’s wet). 

Dry River Bed Planting On Top Side Of Walkout Basement Retainer WallAfter the wall was up I decided to use the stone we had stockpiled on site from a previous job and create a planted dry creek bed along the top side of the wall. I was so fearful someone would walk into our backyard when it was dark and take a horrible fall over the wall. I thought having something planted there would be more noticeable than a big drop off.

Dry River Bed Planting On Top Side Of Walkout Basement Retainer WallWhen that didn’t seem like enough I added solar lights to illuminate the area. Wow I actually purchased nice glass lights, instead of the cheap plastic variety, and what a difference they make. They give of so much more light than the inexpensive ones, so I’m glad I picked them. 

Ideas For Covering The Ugly Electrical Panel and Meter

Now help me decide on how to hide the ugly electrical panel, and meter socket. We can enclose it with wood, or plant something in a whiskey barrel to hide it. I already have option one a potted olive tree, or option two would to be plant something that climbed up a trellis, or option 3 some form of evergreen tree. Tell me what you like best, and what you think would be easiest to maintain and also allow the meter reader to still do his job. 

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  1. Cheryl Major says:

    Wow ! Does that ever look nice. Thats a great idea planting flowers and adding lights at the retaining wall.

    1. Cheryl I just planted a clearance tree in a pot this week to hide the electrical panel. It’s all coming along nicely.

  2. Dawn the wall looks great!! I would use the pine tree in the barrel look as it will always be there, unlike flowers that will die off in the winter and then you are back to square one with seeing the meter. Thanks for the tip on the solar lights!!

    1. Jeanie I agree it needs something green all year long. I did get it planted this week, so I’ll be back to share it soon.

  3. It’s looking beautiful! My thoughts were headed to a honey suckle vine on a trellis – wonderful scent too. Then you mentioned the meter reader so I’m wondering if the reading could be made through the vine?

    1. Jan, I got the barrel planted this week and by adding casters to the bottom it’s easy to move out of the way so the meter reader should be good to do his job.

  4. Dawn, the wall looks amazing. It’s really made that area so welcoming. I love the idea of a tree in the whiskey barrel. I think I like the idea of the pine tree. It would soften the hard surfaces and stay green all year long. I’m looking forward to seeing the fire pit. We’ve been thinking about doing a fire pit in our yard so I’m looking for inspiration.

    1. Becky, I just got the barrel planted this week. Glad to have that task done. The fire pit is also done I just need to photograph it. I’m so happy to have it all complete and we’ve been enjoying it every weekend.

  5. Love me a good looking retainer wall, and yours is SUPERB! I’m really liking these changes you are making, Dawn. As for ways to hide the electrical box, it’s purely a personal thing. I’d definitely do something in a whiskey barrel so that it can be moved away from the electrical box for access.

    1. Diane, Im so thankful hubby can do those things and I did get the whiskey barrel planted. I added casters to the bottom so it can be moved if anyone needs to get to the meter. I’ll be back soon with pics.

  6. Kathleen G says:

    A good idea with the lights and plants for the drop off. Plus it softens the hardscape. Alot to get done before the snow flies, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen the work never ends around our place. Hubby is also drudging our pond right now. To many projects and not enough time to get them all done.

  7. Looks great and I like option two best if it’ll work.

    1. Jen I did get it planted this week and will be sharing it soon 🙂

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