Revamp Your Kitchen with Home Depot

On my list of things to do this Summer is give my kitchen a face lift….
We have been in our home for 5 years now and a few things are needing a touchup. For instance my cabinets are showing wear and in need of a fresh coat of paint.  I also may take advantage of the opportunity to change out the hardware.
Home Depot is a great place to go for all your kitchen update needs. I can’t wait to get started!

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  1. Since I ususally loose ex-RAF hubby in this store, I stay as faraway as I can! I have discovered the ‘will call’ feature and order on line though… DIY is nifty but not when I have to look at the stacked supplies in a corner…Can you tell hubby is NOT a handyman?
    Your kitchen looks so homey, don’t change it too much!

  2. Love your kitchen!! The laundry basket is awesome to!!!

  3. Dawn
    Your kitchen looks great, but I know how that
    Spring decorating bug can hit!
    Did you know the video wasn’t there?
    I can spend more time in Home Depot than in
    a ladies clothing store-I love it.

  4. Having Home Depot offset kitchen reno costs for you is better than a gift certificate to a candy store! Have fun.

  5. But I love your kitchen! It gives me hope that one day my log cabin may also have a lovely kitchen. On the other hand, I’m excites to see what you have up your sleeve. You’re a fun lady to watch!

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