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Roadside Pumpkin Patch In The Country

Old Truck Loaded With Corn Stalks

Screeeeech! Stop the car! It was one of those moments while out cruising the back road with my DIL that we ran across this cute as ever roadside pumpkin stand all decked out for fall with the most quaint farmhouse charm.

Pumpkin Patch, Fall Decor

I’ll have to admit the old truck caught my eye right away. There’s nothing better than an old truck. Riding around with the windows down, hair blowing in the breeze and the truck bed filled with harvest from the farm.  Can’t you just picture it now?

Pumpkins Carved From Wood, Fall Farm Stand, Roadside Pumpkins, Pumpkin Patch

Of course we, and by we I mean me, slammed on the brakes, threw it in reverse and couldn’t wait to get out with my camera and snap a few shots. (Yes I’m one of those people who carry a camera in my purse; I’m not a fan of cell phone photos).

Pumpkins on a Ladder, Outside Fall Decor

The cutest little old lady pulling an old wagon filled with pumpkins greeted us. She said her grandson owned the farm but she was helping with the decorating. In all truth the lady must have weighed a whole 70 pounds; I have no idea how she even picked up one of the pumpkins but somehow she managed.  Farm life if tough and the men and women that farm come from hardy stock I’ll tell ya.

Pumpkin Patch, Fall Decor

We didn’t really need anything but we did want to wander around and see all the décor, so after taking photos, walking around admiring everything, talking with grandma, my DIL ended up purchasing a couple of honeynut squash to have for our lunch.

Fall Farm Stand, Old Truck

If you’re not familiar with honeynut it’s a cousin of butternut but much sweeter and it’s outside is the most beautiful rustic burnt orange color. Once we got them home I thought to myself; that would make an excellent paint color for fall. If you have a chance and stumble across a honeynut you won’t be disappointed. I’ve never seen that variety in stores so you many need to search at roadside farm stands or the farmers market.

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