Robins Nest

Day One of Robins Nest BuildI have this 3 tined rake that hangs outside our side entrance. I use it most days to scratch weeds out of the landscape design or garden. After a day of weeding I put it up for the night and look what was there the next morning, the start of a nest. I said to myself I guess I won’t be weeding with that rake for a while.

Day Two of Robins Nest BuildJust look; day 2 the bird had finished the nest. So at this point I knew I better leave it and see if the bird actually uses it. I assumed there’s too much activity of coming and going through that door that the bird probably wouldn’t stick around. I had no idea what kind of bird built the nest until I discovered a broken egg. 

Broken Robins EggFor sure the nest was made by a Robin and something robbed it and dropped the egg (how sad). I decided to clear the nest from the rake, but though I’d better get online and see if Robin’s are a bird that reuse their nest first. Well I’m glad I did, it said a robin will nest 3-4 times per season and use the same nest every time. 

 Robin Sitting On Its Nest Sure enough theres Ms. Robin once again in the nest. This time I was very careful not to use that entrance, hoping the bird sat on the next longer making it impossible for a predator to steal the eggs. Rerouting the traffic flow of our house worked and mama successfully hatched 4 tiny Robins. 

Baby Robin BirdsThe first day 2 emerged from their shell and the next day the other 2 made their appearance into the world. Look how big the eyes are, at this point I guess they have only a face a mother could love because they’re not very cute yet. 

4 Baby RobinsThe cabin sure has been hopping with critters these days. If you follow me on Instagram you can see my snake video. 


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    1. Linda we have one that nests on the ladder of the shed and the hitch of the dump truck every year.

  1. Oh how sweet!!!!….I was watering one of my hanging plants the other day that had a bird nest in it….beautiful blue speckled eggs…now the eggs are gone….I have been noticing some awful black birds lately….I think they robbed the nest…ugh!

    1. Shirley yes black birds will do that. I also have nests in my hanging basket and have to be careful when I water not to soak any babies.

  2. So precious and the Robins sing so pretty. We have trouble with Blue Jays raiding nests, they are pesky rascals and so mean. I have a large family of robins living in the ivy on my neighbors property and they visit regularly to partake of my strawberries. They have gotten very brazen and come right up to me when I am out there, they will have a big berry in their mouth, as they hop on over to me as if they are showing the prize they found. I can sit at my desk and view the berries wiggling vigorously and I know the robins are in there. I was going to block them with netting but never got to that chore so I just share liberally. I can’t blame them, they are the very best berries. 🙂

    1. Pam I think the crows raided mine they’ve been hanging around lately. I bet that’s what ate my strawberries, I was blaming it on the bunnies.

  3. Cheryl Major says:

    Dawn, that is so neat. We also had 2 nests that appeared in the rafters of our new wood shed and sadly something robbed the eggs . Love your pictures….more to frame for sure !

    1. Cheryl I think the crows robbed our nests. I wonder what got yours?

  4. Spotted fawns, owls, baby birds … you always have visitors!

    1. Carol yes we do and the baby bunnies are keeping the dog hopping. She love to try and chase them down.

  5. AWWW! so sweet, it’s amazing how fast they can build a nest. You really have a lot of critter friends in your area.

    1. Karen we a loaded with our share of critters that’s for sure!

  6. Awwww, such beautiful fur babies. They’re totally cute, so glad I saw this!

    1. Christine, yes they are and so fun to watch grow.

  7. Loving all your wildlife and even the snake was cute. We took our robins nest down which I guess we should not have done. With the bad wind and storms this weekend I doubt it would have survived on the ledge of the sunroom. FYI…..the pumpkins are already in at Michael’s. Seems too early to me. Have a good week Dawn.

    1. Deborah I took my Robin nest down today. No one was using it anymore so I was ready to have my rake back. Yes it’s too early for Pumpkins. Wow we can’t even get done with one holiday before another one is being displayed in the stores. I just put up my July 4th decor this week.

      1. I did the same with decorating for the 4th. Hope you have a good weekend and a dry one. We are supposed to get at least three inches of rain in the next four days. We need it with the 99 degree heat and humidity. This is such a welcome relief. All those peeps that feel the need to float and boat are probably going to need to go to plan B.

        1. Debbie it’s dry here I think to dry to light off fireworks but so far the fire department is going ahead with them. We need rain here too my yard is still green but beginning to crunch under my feet.

  8. I found a baby Robin trying to learn to fly, the mother brings food to it. Last night it slept on one of our solar lights on our deck post. This morning it had moved down on the railing and the Mother had a big juicy worm for it and before see could get it, it tried to fly to her mother and fell to the ground. Now it’s over by the fence in the corner of the fence. I wonder how long it takes a baby bird to learn to fly. I took a lot of pictures of it and her Mom.

    1. Jonita how adorable getting to watch the Robin learn to fly, what an experience 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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