Rocking Chair for the Back Porch

On my garage sale list this year is to find at least 4 old, comfy, rocking chairs for our homes back porch.
I have found that outdoor furniture just isn’t as comfy, so the search for indoor chairs is under way.
Score… So far I have found One.
I want to paint each one a different color and give them a good coat of clear, so they will be better protected from the elements.
 My color choice for this one is “Antibes Green”  my favorite chalk paint color.
So far it is to hot to do anything outside so for now the rocking chair is taking up residence in my living room.
 I added a very old quilt, over 100 years old, and a ticking pillow to dress it up for now.
Is anyone else having trouble completing projects due to the weather?
 Stop back by when it cools down and see the old rocking chair transformed with a new color.Linking up with
Primp Junktion 
Savvy Southern Style 

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  1. Oh I have two rockers on the front porch and I love them. So comfy. Love yours with the quilt and ticking pillow. Fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love your header!! Your house just invites me in with it’s bright and airy feel and cozy decor. I love the idea of four different color rockers. Good luck with the hunt.

  3. Love your rockers…and yes, I am totally having troubles completing projects these days.

  4. What a great idea..can’t wait to see it a new color!
    I’m getting nothing done around here. I just can’t bear this heat.

  5. great idea to paint all the chairs…your first color choice is going to be perfect! i have a rocker just the same as yours…i should paint mine too sometime!!

  6. I just love rocking chairs, esp. old ones. 🙂 I have one that has been in my family for a very long time. I need to get the seat redone and haven’t yet, so it’s just for “looks” right now. But, I love to rock, if I am in a rocking chair, I am rocking; it’s just so relaxing. 🙂

    I think painting them different colors will be so pretty and so fun!
    Have a great week, we are way cooler today; I am loving it!


  7. Don’t you just love it when you find something you’re on the hunt for? I just love antibes green too.
    Have a wonderful night

  8. That’s a great idea, Dawn! Can’t wait to see it painted. I doubt I could get enough protection on a real wood piece to make it survive our climate. We had 111* today and they are predicting 115* tomorrow. I’m just happily working inside on a quilt, with the air-conditioner turned way down….lol!

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