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Rustic Cabin Natural Christmas Decor

Rustic Cabin Natural Christmas Door DecorSimple rustic decor is what I’m going for outside this year. The wreaths on the windows and the swag on the door is all I’ll be doing outside. Oh and I did add red and white pillows to the furniture and tiny white lights to the boxwoods in the barrels but I’ll have to show you that at night. Cabins are supposed to be rustic right? So I said to myself, why go to a lot of work just make it simple. 

Rustic Cabin Natural Christmas Door DecorDon’t tell hubby but while he was away I took the screen out of our bedroom window, top left, crawled out on the roof with my cordless drill, c-hooks, my wreaths and some ribbon and added the wreaths to the top story windows. I was hoping I didn’t take a spill, I’m a klutz you know, hubby wouldn’t have been too happy about me doing it without someone home but when I have my mind made up about doing something I just do it and hope for the best. Luckily no tumble off the roof, so all is well. 

Rustic Cabin Natural Christmas Door DecorI did the same thing on the porch adding wreaths hanging off ivory ribbon. I’m not much of a red fan at Christmas but I think next year I will have to rethink my ribbon color, the ivory just doesn’t give it the pop I was looking for but I wasn’t about to press my luck and crawl out on the roof again just to change the ribbon color. An after thought was I should have waited until someone was home so I could stand back and take a look, but there’s always another year and I can try a new color next time. 

Rustic Cabin Natural Christmas Door DecorFor the window wreaths I purchased the simple inexpensive ones from Hobby Lobby, waited until they were 50% off, and paid less than $5 each. I’ll store them in the basement and use them next year again. I did buy fancier, rustic wreaths for each door because I liked the added pine cones and 3 different evergreens, but like the others they can be reused.

Rustic Cabin Natural Christmas Door DecorIt happened to be bright and sunny the day I was doing photos. The sky was a magnificent blue with big puffy skies (see the reflection in the windows?), but since then all we have had is dark and dreary days. That’s how it goes most days here in Michigan during the winter months that’s one of the reasons I like the snow, it brightens up the day. 

Rustic Cabin Natural Christmas Door DecorI’m not sure if you noticed I have a new door color now too. I changed it to match another project we’ll be doing on the porch soon once hubby has some time off from work. The projects never seem to end, but after 6 years the house if finally getting all the finishing touches. 

Rustic Cabin Natural Christmas Door Decor


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  1. Wow it looks beautiful. Happy Holidays????

    1. Thank you Linda I love all your Christmas emojis 🙂

    1. Thank you Linda I like the simple look too.

    1. Thank you Kris, it was easy yet gave it that Christmas feeling so I’m good with it.

  2. It looks very pretty. I especially like the greenery and wreath on the front door. It’s very welcoming. I agree with you about snow on the ground too. It makes things so much brighter in winter. Be careful on those roof tops too.

    1. Becky today we actually have a sunny day, so I’m taking advantage of it and doing a few blog photos. I don’t know how Santa tackles all those rooftops, it’s not for me that’s for sure.

  3. Dawn, I love the simple look with your cabin very nice . Have a good Sunday and it looks like you have snow, here in Kentucky we have not had our first snow but I hope to see that white stuff soon. God Bless.

    1. Joy yes we had snow, then rain, then mud and Im hoping for snow again soon. Thank you for stopping in.

    1. Thank you Christine and Merry Christmas to you also “)

  4. Kathleen G says:

    You be careful out there! I think a cabin Christmas rustic look is always good in my book. Keep safe and warm Dawn, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen Im very thankful I didn’t fall. Sometime my ideas just get the best of me and I do stupid things.

  5. Your rustic décor fits the cabin décor, Dawn! If you add some of those white tipped pinecones to your wreaths that would help to brighten them up, I think. There’s always next year. Hope to get some decorating done outside here this afternoon after it warms up to 50 after being 28 this am.

    1. Susan I may have to add the when I take them down this year, that way I’ll be all ready next December.

  6. I am with you on the simple this year…your “simple” looks great!..and should I lecture you on getting on the roof when no one is home?…..so glad you did not fall!!…

    1. Shirley, ha-ha yes I need the lecture it was a stupid move for sure.

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