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Rustic Cabin Porch Decor

I know so many of you are experiencing extremely hot temperatures 
where you live.
 Here in Michigan we are having a pleasant Summer.
Mild range temps with regular rainfall. Last week was humid but other than that, it has been heavenly. The Sweet-pea’s are in full bloom and giving off a beautiful show.
It’s so delightful sitting outside on my porch swing watching the birds and rabbits play in the yard.
I’m hoping soon to be harvesting things from the vegetable garden.  So far the only thing ready is Herbs, Strawberries, and Radishes.
Enjoy what is left of Summer before you know it we will be back complaining about the snow!!

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  1. Morning, Dawn! I’m jealous – of your weather and of your love porch! ๐Ÿ™‚ Those sweet peas are so pretty. My daughter is expecting our second grandchild. They don’t want to know the sex until it’s born so the little one in her tummy is called Sweet Pea!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Good Morning. Yes, it is very hot in my area, Arizona, and finally there was much needed rain the past two nights. I never thought about planting sweet peas in a bucket. I have several metal containers and come September, I will be planting. Thank you for sharing. Have a great Sunday.

    1. Hi Joani – I’m in Arizona also. I don’t know much about gardening and wondering if sweet peas will do well in my area – Tempe – in September?

  3. Hello ~ this morning is a beautiful sunny day. I can finally turn the AC off. It has been hot and humid here in Windsor, Ontario with thunder storms every day. I am going to enjoy this beautiful weather on my front porch. Love this weather. I am enjoying every minute. Have a wonderful day

  4. The weather today isn’t so bad, we had a week of hot 90’s weather and high humidity!

    I love the skirt you made? for your swing and those flowers in the pail are gorgeous!

  5. Sweet peas are a favorite of mine and I’ve been cutting bouquets often! We are having a very pleasant summer here in Western Wa, too.

  6. Dawn,
    You are so lucky to have great weather. It is still so hot here. We did get a little break this week end. I love that you have that sweet porch to sit and relax. So charming.

  7. Our heatwave hear in the northeast finally broke, so I am back outside enjoying my deck. Your photos are lovely…seems like the perfect spot to enjoy summer!

  8. Beautiful! Just beautiful!
    We are hoping to NOT be complaining about ice and snow as we moved to Austin, TX around May 1st. It is super hot here, but not more than in MO where we were last summer, and we are told NO ice and NONONONO SNOW! Yay! Course, I know some of you guys really look forward to the snow, but not us. We look forward to crisp fall like temps. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Would love to have your mild summer temps and our mild winter temps…heaven! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Beautiful porch!

  9. I so love summer but my plants already look so tired. Just to hot and dry. I love spring summer and fall and for sure not winter:)

  10. So glad you’re enjoying a beautiful summer. These are such pretty pictures, Dawn. Love the pops of yellow!

  11. Your porch is very pretty and no wonder it is the perfect spot to sit and relax. We had a super hot week or two here with high temps and humidity feeling like in the 40C’s. Too hot to do anything outdoors and then a huge thunderstorm with damaging winds on Friday night. Power outages and lots of lost trees and limbs. We went for a drive and lunch today (about four hours driving) and the tree damage was all through this area of our province. The storm did help to lower the temps though. We are expecting much nicer weather this upcoming week.

  12. Your sweet peas are so pretty! Twice I’ve planted a perennial sweet pea vine and it hasn’t come back. Next year I’m starting from seed to get those sweet blossoms. I love all the yellows on your porch and the vintage quilt is divine!

    Our week of sweltering heat is finally over and we had a gorgeous weekend in northern MN, too.

  13. Hi Dawn, your porch swing looks so comfie and inviting and I love that yellow table! Here in northern NY it has been sweltering. Thank goodness for AC!

  14. Oh your sweet peas are so pretty. I don’t think they grow here…I never see them. Hate to admit it but a little fallishness sounds pretty good to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. So true about the snow!
    I live in Wisconsin and we’ve had a great summer too, except for a heat wave last week.
    Today is gorgeous!
    And speaking of gorgeous, your porch is truly that!
    I love, love your colors!

  16. Our humidity broke finally – and it’s gorgeous right now –
    Beautiful pics Dawn ( as always ) sitting on a porch swing sounds heavenly………..

  17. Oh, to have a beautiful, cool day right now ๐Ÿ™‚ We have been lucky to have some cooler weather here in North Texas this year, but the heat has finally hit — 86 this morning at 7:00, with 78% humidity, and over 100 for a high every day. It’s difficult to keep anything alive in the garden this time of year!! But I’ll keep dreaming of the sunny, mild days we have in January ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m envious of your beautiful sweet peas and cozy porch swing! Would love to see your veggie garden, maybe you posted and I missed it. Everything looks so fresh and relaxing at your house, always. Have a wonderful summer week!
    xo, Andrea

  18. Sure enough we will be complaining all too soon! I am looking forward to fall though. You always make me want to come and relax on your porch!

  19. It has been rainy here this summer, not hot at all. Which is good, but hard to make fun outdoor plans. Dawn your porch is gorgeous!

  20. Beautiful photos and summer colors….stopped by from the Pinterest party and pinned you!

  21. I Think Your Sweetpeas are enough for now!! They are Spectacular. Sitting on the Porch watching the Busy World go By Seems to Be so Relaxing!! Looks Beautiful!! I really enjoyed your photos I will look for your Facebook Page!!
    Thank You

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