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Rustic Christmas Porch and Whisky Barrel Decor

Rustic Cabin Christmas Porch and Door Garland | CreativeCainCabin.comWelcome to the side porch of the cabin, this is the common folk entrance, that leads into our kitchen. I managed to put the garland up on a weekend when we had a rare 50 degree day. No chance of that again for quite some time. I purchased some tiny hook screws and that’s whats holding the garland up, I like just the greenery but found some burlap ribbon in my goodie bag so I decided to incorporate it with the garland. With the cabin being so dark it help give it a little color. I also hung my Natural Element Wreath that I made a few weeks ago. One thing I hate about Michigan is we always have to have an ugly screen door and it takes away from the look I like of a wreath on the door but when we seldom turn on the air conditioner the screens serve their purpose in the summer.  

Rustic Cabin Christmas Porch, Whisky Barrel, and Door Garland | CreativeCainCabin.comI also added a little winter decor to my whiskey barrel. I took a walk on the property and gathered pine branch clippings, red twigs, grapevine and pinecones, I used the grapevine like a flower frog I first wrapped it in a circular shape around the cedar tree and fed the pine branches in amongst it. Next stabbed a few red twigs into the barrel and my Gram worked hard attaching several pinecones to sticks for me to add to the look. For those of you who don’t remember my Gram is 95 years young and likes to help with my blog she takes care of tasks that I don’t have time for (by the way she is blind) but still manages to sew and do other crafts for me. She worked hard with the hot glue gun for this project. 

It really looks like Christmas around my place, now if we would just get a ton of snow I would be happy. It’s not Christmas in Michigan with no snow. 

Gram RedHere’s Grama Red, bet you can’t guess why my kids call her “Red”, can you believe she’s 95?  And here’s another amazing thing…..she works out at the gym 3 days a week. She’s quite a feisty thing, but I think that red hair is a dead giveaway of her personality. She says she came into the world with red hair and she’s going out with red hair. We get quite a kick out of her. Thanks for all your hard work Gram <3.  

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  1. WOW the decorating is awesome, but Grama Red takes the cake!!!! She doesn’t look older than 70 if that and wow the gym 3x week. Tell her for me please she is great motivation and incentive as I am r58 end of year, and recuperating from a total knee replacement. I will do my 3x day exercises with her in mind!!! congrats Grama RED!!!

    1. Cindy yes Gram is a go getter she does several machines and the gym and everyone is amazed by her. Good luck with your return to health with that knee, that is a major surgery to recover from.

  2. Love your Grandma! You’ve told me about her red hair before – it’s so great to see her picture! She does NOT look 95 – how amazing she is!

    Your house looks great, Dawn.


    1. Thanks Claudia, yes Red is amazing and still going strong.

  3. Now, I really feel bad about being lazy and not working out. Dang she looks good!!! You go Granma Red!

    1. Kim, I know no one believes her age they always guess her about 20 years younger. It helps that she keeps up with fashion too.

      1. That is so cool that she keeps up with fashion. Says she is young at heart, too.

        1. Kim, yes she is and has a razor sharp mind.

  4. Grandma Red is an inspiration! And I love the snow coming down making your decor even better.

    1. Thanks Barb, that snow had a little help with photoshop. LOL don’t tell my secret.

  5. Oh I wish it would snow too. After last winter I swore I would never say that again though! Your porch looks great and so does your Grandma…enjoy your Sunday!

    1. Ann I loved last winter except for the power outage we had for 2 weeks over Christmas, but snow is a must where we live for Christmas.

  6. Grama Red looks fabulous!! So does your porch Dawn…I’m with you we need some snow!! Happy Sunday!

    1. Martina, I would rather have snow than just dead brown grass, it makes for quite a depressing scene.

  7. Woooza on Gram Red. How inspiring. Hope if I live to be 95 plus I will be able to go to the gym and work out. She has gorgeous green eyes and love the personality of her cute red hair. She looks like she is 60!!!! It is that good clean living in MIchigan!

    1. Kris, yes she certainly doesn’t look her age, and her secret is cold cream all these years.

  8. Your Gram looks and sounds amazing! It made me laugh to see her pic because I always tell my family I will still have red hair in my 90’s! I’m glad she feels the same way. I love all your pictures. Hugs and Merry Christmas, Sandi

    1. Sandi, oh yes she still claims that is her natural color LOL and will never give go gray. Have a wonderful Christmas πŸ™‚

    1. Laurel, oh my Gram is much better looking than the decor. LOL

  9. No, I certainly cannot believe that Gram is 95!! She is lovely, and has the most beautiful eyes!!! Reminds me of Nana. Nana was always so well put together. Always had her hair done, nails done, clothes to a T!! Such a lady. Like your Gram!!!!
    Happy holidays my friend. Your cabin looks warm and cozy, and ready for the holidays!
    XO Kris

    1. Kris, Yes your Nana was a lovely too πŸ™‚ and my Gram is all about fashion, makeup, having her hair and nails done too. Thank you for stopping in and Merry Christmas!!

  10. Your gram is amazing!! She looks so pretty with her red hair and green eyes! And best of all is her spunky personality!
    Also, I adore your bucket and how you filled it πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for dropping in Susan, yes gram is a hoot and that whisky barrel has been fun to decorate for the seasons.

  11. Dawn, I just love hearing about your spunky Grandma! My mom will be 92 next week. She walks with a walker due to arthritis, but she’s making her rum balls tomorrow. Wouldn’t be Christmas without her rum balls! Love the garland around the door and would you believe that I’ve never seen a white Christmas? Snow at Christmas would truly be magical here!

    1. Jane so nice to hear you Mom is in her 90’s and is doing great too. My gram is an amazing lady. What no white Christmas? You need to come to Michigan one year so you can see a snowy Christmas.

  12. Kathleen G says:

    Just looking at her picture, I know she has a positive attitude. Makes a world of difference. Beautiful! Hoping for snow for your Christmas, but not! To much! Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen, oh yes she has a great attitude and nothing gets her down, she is very determined to live for a long time.

  13. We don’t have any snow either here in Manistee πŸ™ When we drove down to Virginia a week before Thanksgiving, we drove through a couple of snowstorms and snow squalls. We left MI under a foot of snow and when we returned most of it was all gone. What a precious Gram you have, you are so fortunate. Love that red hair! Merry Christmas! -Bev

    1. Bev, what you don’t have snow either? It’s actually 54 here today and I am going to run on the track outside. I have been working out in the gym but I think today I will get some fresh air. I sure hope we have some snow for Christmas.

  14. Your Granma Red is just unbelievable! I can’t believe she makes it to the gym three times a week – sure puts me to shame.
    Your porch looks perfect! What a nice way to say “Welcome”.

    1. Thanks you stopping in Susan πŸ™‚ Yes I don’t dare miss a day of working out or my gram will outdo me. LOL She’s a feisty gal.

  15. This picture of your porch is Absolutely Magazine Worthy!!! How beautiful!!!!! and WOW … I applaud your Gram!! That is awesome!! I would never guessed she was 95!!!!!!!! she is beautiful!!!!!!

    1. Terri what sweet comments πŸ™‚ Thank you for stopping by.

  16. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Gram Red looks like a feisty red-head Dawn..I’m 61 and far from being in as good shape as her!

    1. Nancy, she’s one amazing lady. Most people are amazed by her.

  17. You Go Grama!!! I too came into this world RED, and it didn’t help that my maiden name is Redd! My hubby of 40 yrs. said he married a redhead and he WILL stay married to a Redhead! So, I’m with you Grama, I too will leave this world with red hair. Merry Christmas!

    1. Linda, fabulous story πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas to you too RED.

  18. Your porch and door are beautiful as is your photography…but must say that I love the photo of Grama Red…she looks amazing…I guess being active and feisty is the secret…my mom is 89 and she is looking forward to 3 digit birthdays!…

    1. Shirley my gram is shooting for 100 too πŸ™‚

  19. Gramma Red is a beautiful lady! I love your porch and the barrel, I wish I had a pic of each, they are wonderful. Hugs,

    1. Sandi how sweet of you have a great Christmas!

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