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Rustic Fall Porch

Rustic Fall Porch of a Log Home Using Natural Elements as Decor The Wreath is Made From Weeping Cherry Branches and the Apple Picking PIllow is From the Farm Girl Vintage BookI’m back as promised to show you the entire side entrance porch all decorated for fall. I felt it was a little too early to start using pumpkins so opted to use mums and cornstalks for now. I will get pumpkins, but not until later into the season when the weather gets chillier. 

Apple Picking Quilt Square from The Farm Girl Vintage Book I'm making it into a pillow for my fall porch decorI found a great deal on large mums this year, only $3 each, and sometimes cost is what dictates how and what I decorate with. They’re from a local place and the owners even loaded them in my jeep for me, so I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I knew using white and yellow would brighten up the porch and with the logs being so dark it made the entrance really come to life. 

How To Make A Weeping Cherry Branches WreathThe next thing for me was to make a wreath for the door and I was looking for a way to create something for free. My friend Lisa and I came up with the brilliant idea of making a crab apple wreath. We raided her garden shed as a starting place and came out with the twig wreath and decided to use it as the base. 

MumsNext we gave her weeping cherry tree a good trimming and back to my place to assemble the wreath. We decided the crab apples were too large and heavy and it’s a good thing because even the cherry branches make for a pretty hefty wreath. It even fell off my door and on my head twice while trying to take photos. I then got smart and figured out what type of a wreath hanger worked best for heavy wreaths. 

How To Make A Weeping Cherry Branches WreathIt was so easy to do and didn’t require a glue gun, twine, or floral wire. All we did was cut the branches into random lengths and stick them between the twig branches. It was the easiest thing to create and we had great girl time fun making it. We always see everything as an adventure when we’re together so this was just another adventure to us. 

Rustic Fall Porch of a Log Home Using Natural Elements as Decor The Wreath is Made From Weeping Cherry Branches and the Apple Picking PIllow is From the Farm Girl Vintage BookI got ambitious and cleaned the front porch and have it all decorated for fall too, I even recovered the furniture. I’ll be back later to show you that space. So tell me how is your fall decorating coming along?



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    1. Thank you Martina this is has been one of my favorite decorating experiences. I went with cheaper and less things this year and I really like it.

  1. Loooooove this Dawn. So pretty for fall. Fall is your season out there on the porch. Everything looks so cozy and inviting.

    1. Kris yes my house actually goes best with fall colors.

  2. crafty.grandma says:

    Love it love it love it!!! You do know you can plant your mums in your garden!!! Mine are just starting to bloom!!!

    1. I have planted them in the past but they never come back for me. My aunt thinks there’s a variety that’s not winter hearty and maybe that’s the kind I have.

  3. Kathleen G says:

    A welcoming Fall entrance to your home. Love the wreath, so Autumnal and rustic. Happy Fall Dawn, enjoy this time before the White out, Winter. Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I haven’t heard a forecast yet but I’m getting prepared for a long cold winter.

  4. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Oh how I envy you ladies with nice porches to sit on….I was just telling Claudia the same today…very pretty Dawn…also I believe you must get what they call Hardy Mums to plant them in the ground…I have always had the same problem with planting them and they die….

    1. Nancy the ones I get are always on clearance in the fall so they’re probably not the right ones. I’m gutting my landscaping now anyway and planting evergreens and shrubs that are less maintenance. Thanks for the advice on which mums to get. I’ll look on the label better from now on.

    1. Thank you Laura and it was so fun and easy to make.

  5. Looks great Dawn! I haven’t put any pumpkins out yet either…it’s still too warm here as well. I opted for mums as well. Love the cornstalks and the wreath..thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

    1. Cheryl with it being so warm pumpkins just don’t feel right yet. We are in for a cool down next week so I may break down and get a few.

  6. Marilyn Stefani says:

    I love the crab apple wreath. I will have to go searching in the woods. Love your blog

    1. Marilyn, I bet if you have a neighbor with a tree they will let you give it a trim 🙂

    1. Linda I remember when the apple thing was popular in the 80’s and just think Im doing it again, lol. It all seems to come back around at some point.

  7. Oh, how much fun to have a girlfriend who likes to play with wreaths, etc! Makes it much more fun and you don’t have to second guess yourself! Everything looks awesome, especially that adorable apple pillow!

    1. Jane, yes we are partners in crime and get a good laugh out of whatever adventure we are on.

  8. As always, Dawn,, you did a beautiful job. The yellow and white mums and the great patchwork pillow really brighten things up.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

    1. Susan I am all about simple right now so it was certainly easy decorating.

  9. Looking very nice, Dawn! Sometimes the KISS method works best!

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