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Rustic Fall Porch

Fall Table on the Porch of a Log Home

The crisp fall weather has settled over Michigan, it’s time to bring the sweaters out of storage and it’s a good day to have a country gathering on the front porch of our Rustic Cabin. Pull up a straw bale and sips some hot cider, while we tour the Fall Porch. Our porch runs the whole length of the front of the cabin and this is where you can find me most any day of the year. There’s something inviting about a covered porch, it just beckons you to sit a spell and enjoy all the sights of nature. My favorite spot is the swing, I can be found on my ipad, reading, or napping on that swing. The napping part is very seldom, but once in a while it just feels good to let the sun beat down on you when the days are cool. 


Rustic Porch Decorated for Fall


Come on up and grab an apple. My boys brought me 6 bushel of apples two days ago so it looks like I will be busy making cider, applesauce, and apple chips. It’s always a treat in the winter to have these items on hand. I like to make the cider and it’s easy so into the freezer it will go.



Fall Tablescape with Apples and Buffalo Check Tablecloth

I found these harvest plates on Ebay and couldn’t resist buying them. They look great with a fall table setting and they fit right into the cabin, and don’t forget a buffalo check table cloth. It just screams country harvest party right?



The front door has a simple, galvanized sap bucket loaded with fresh Goldenrod. My field between the guest house and ours is laden with this allergy causing flower. It is beautiful the first thing in the morning with the sun just rising over the field, it makes the Goldenrod just glow.  


Fall Harvest Party on the Porch

I love living in the county, and would never be classified as a city girl. I love to sit on the porch in my cowgirl boots and let the day pass by. Doesn’t it look like fun to sit on a straw bale and have dinner with your family? The country life for me…..


Fall Mums

I was lucky to find these beautiful potted flowers at our local grocery store for $2, another charm of small town living things cost almost nothing compared to things in the city. And lucky for me they jumped right into my cart.


Fall Farmhouse Place Setting

Here’s a close up of those stinkin, cute dishes. The patterns are blueberries, tomatoes, corn, and watermelon, the perfect combination that says fall harvest. The hankies are a fun thing to use as a napkin too.



Here’s a look at those organic apples the boys brought me. Don’t they look delicious? Much better than store bought any day, and you can tell no pesticides were used on these by the worm holes and the imperfections. 


Dining Table with Straw Seating


Yellow Mum


Fall Table on the Porch


Mums and Apples


Fall Dining


Fall Porch of a Log Home

Thank you for dropping by and don’t forget to visit the other 3 bloggers below to see how they decorated their porches for Fall, it will give you some great inspirational ideas. 



Fall Porch Decor with Mums & Apples




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  1. I am on my way over, oh how I wish! Beautiful Dawn, just beautiful!

    1. Thank you Debbie, it is a lot cooler here than your place so bring a sweater:)

  2. Love it, Dawn. Looks like you are ready for a hoe down.

    1. Kim, I believe I am. It’s perfect weather for a barn party here.

  3. Oh my gosh. I am blown away…amazing pictures and your porch is just a little slice of heaven. So homey, cozy and welcoming. I wish we could all get together on each other’s porches and hang out!

    1. Ann, you are welcome to come anytime. It would be great fun!!

  4. And I would love nothing better than to sit there on the porch with you and look at the countryside. I’m not really a city girl. Was raised a country girl. And in my heart, that’s what I shall remain. Gorgeous pics!

    1. I know what you mean Brenda, you can’t take the country out of the girl. I was also raised in the country and there’s no place I would rather be. If I vacation in a city after 3 days I can’t wait to get home where it is peaceful again.

    1. Elizabeth, it would be nice if a magazine came a calling wouldn’t it? Thank you so much for the kind comment.

  5. oh I love your porch!! what a wonderful setting, love that green table and huge buffalo check tablecloth!

    1. Debra, thank so much. Funny thing I broke the table after I took the pictures, I feel and the leg broke off so now it is in the burn pile:(

  6. I agree with Elizabeth Dawn this should be in a magazine. I would love to sit out there on that porch. It looks so pretty and inviting. It is really beautiful.

    1. Kris, you are not to far from me, you could pop on in for a hoe down. LOL We could find a great chair to paint.

    1. Jennifer, Thank you for the share, it is appreciated:)

  7. I love the plates Dawn, no wonder you bought them! Beautiful porch too!

    1. Rondell, I think there are two more in the set that I still need to find. I will have to get on Ebay and hunt for them again.

  8. Dawn, I spied your picture-perfect country porch setting while I was admiring Jane’s scarecrows! I want to plop down on a hay bale and enjoy some cider! Love your setting!

    1. Mary, Thank you so much for dropping by, you are welcome to come sit a spell anytime.

  9. Oh it’s simply wonderful! You have set it up so invitingly.
    Buffalo checks, rustic, it all grabs me and of course apples fit me too.
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Cindy, yes it does fit your blog name doesn’t it? I appreciate you stopping in this morning for a look-see!

  10. HI Dawn! Oh, I wish I could join you as your porch is beautiful and delightful. Your setting, the dishes and that cider! I love cider and now my mouth is watering. Your snaps are gorgeous, my dear.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

    1. Thank you Shelia, today I am making home made cider and will freeze it to enjoy this winter.

    1. Stop by Mary, we will make it a blogger party!

  11. It looks lovely there, Dawn. I love what you’ve done with your porch. That checked tablecloth is perfect for fall and you’re right, those dishes are so cute! We have lots and lots of goldenrod on our property, too. It’s so pretty! You’ve created a welcoming, wonderful fall porch. Wish I could drop by for a spell!


    1. Claudia, you know I would love to have you stop by:) Next time you come to Michigan you will have to put it on you list of things to do.

  12. You’re so right about those dishes. They are stinking cute!! Your porch looks great all decked out for fall!

    1. Thank Denise, that reminds me to check Ebay today for more of those dishes:)

  13. That is gorgeous! It reminds me of home… pull up a hay bale to the table on the front porch, grab a bowl of chili, and enjoy family. There really is nothing as sweet as country life. Enjoy your beautiful home… you are so talented!

    1. Heather, you are so sweet:) I agree with you, there is nothing like country living!

  14. Dawn, this is amazing…soo much eye candy…will be pinning!! CHristine from Little Brags

    1. Christine, Thank you so much for stopping in and pinning:) Have a wonderful evening!

  15. Dawn, I grew up in the country too and I agree! There’s nothing finer! Your porch is just gorgeous and it really does look like a magazine spread. Your photos are stunningly beautiful. Going to share on our FB page in a few minutes!

    1. Thank you Jane, your porch is on my FB page this morning:)

  16. Dawn – What a beautiful and inviting porch!! Makes me want to come visit and have a glass of apple cider!!


  17. Those lovely dishes are my everyday dishes. We live in the country too, and I love how they go with everything. I bought two sets so we would have plenty to go around for family dinners.

    1. Mary Ann, Where did you originally purchase yours from? I assume they are no longer made? Mine are salad size plates, I would love to have them in the dinner size.

    1. Thank you Elaine, I happened to destroy that table after taking photos:( so now it is in the burn pile.

  18. Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! DO you have an apple press to make the cider? It sounds delicious!

    1. Tammy, I have a commercial juicer that has different attachments and I have used it for over 20 years to do cider. I don’t purchase them from an orchard it is to expensive so I was lucky to have an endless supply this year.

  19. Just want to mention that Goldenrod gets a bad rap. It blooms at the same time of ragweed, which is a HUGE allergen! Very few people have an actual goldenrod allergy. So bring in the buckets of the beautiful gold!

    1. Jo, I was allergic to goldenrod as a kid but not now. I know ragweed causes terrible trouble for people. Luckily I can have it in our home.

  20. I know this is an old post but it jumped out at me on Pinterest. I have those plates! I only bought the small size as dessert plates and they came in four varieties: corn, tomatoes, blueberries, and watermelon. You will never guess where I got them….. Wal-Mart! It was several years ago now but I still have them and use them all time. Mine say “Home Trends” on the back. And they were sold per piece (ie. no boxes) along side all of their Corelle and other dinnerware.

  21. Oh my goodness!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the darling tablescape! Ü

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