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Rustic Fire Pit Christmas Decor


Rustic Christmas Fire Pit Decorated With Pine Clipping and Buffalo Check FabrisThis is the first year I’m able to decorate for Christmas around the fire pit. I wish we had snow but no luck in that area when I snapped the pics. I have to say this area is a well used and well loved family spot and I’ve become quite good at starting a fire all on my own.

Rustic Christmas Fire Pit Decorated With Pine Clipping and Buffalo Check FabricThere’s times I take my ipad out and read all by myself by the fire or watch a movie. I’d rather be outdoors any day, but as it gets colder it’s hard to keep warm when I’m just sitting still even with a roaring fire going. 

Vintage Red Wagon Hauling a Pine Tree For ChristmasHere’s my other pine tree cut from our property. I love how it looks in the wagon and I decided not to stand it up, I’d just go with a rustic look and let it be on it’s side. I’m not going to add any ornaments to it so the natural look it is. 

Rustic Christmas Fire Pit Decorated With Pine Clipping and Buffalo Check FabricI used more of the pine clippings from around the property to poke into the planters that were already there and added some leftover garland from the porch to the galvanized buckets and called it good. I so enjoyed the quick decorating I did this year. I managed to do all my decorating in just under 4 hours this year. 

Rustic Christmas Fire Pit Decorated With Pine Clipping and Buffalo Check FabricI was to late to plant grass after the fire pit area was completed so that’s on my to do list for the spring. And I’d also like to do more landscaping around the big rocks hubby moved for me. By the time we completed the area things were to picked over in the stores so the only thing I planted was 2 Hosta plants and 2 Ornamental grass plants. I wanted things that are easy to maintain, with age I like less work. 

Rustic Christmas Fire Pit Decorated With Pine Clipping and Buffalo Check FabricI have to tell you a funny story about roasting marshmallows around the fire after dark: I seemed to be the only one looking forward to S’mores so while the rest of my family watched I proceeded to put my huge marshmallow on the stick, put it into the fire, and get it toasty brown. Just as I was getting ready to sandwich it in between my fudge covered graham crackers off the stick it feel right on top of my fuzzy slippers. 

Vintage Red Wagon Hauling a Pine Tree For ChristmasWhat a mess….gooey marshmallow doesn’t come out of fur very well 🙁 The rest of my family got a good laugh…..for those of you who haven’t heard I’m a complete klutz and something happens to me on a daily basis. My kids just expect something to happen and just roll their eyes and go with it. If it can go wrong it goes wrong for me. So my first experience of having a S’more around the fire wasn’t my best attempt. I have to think of it as I was saving calories, not how was I going to get that mess out of my slipper.  

Rustic Christmas Fire Pit Decorated With Pine Clipping and Buffalo Check FabricI haven’t tried to make a S’more since. I guess it’s time to get back on the horse and give it another go, or let someone else do the assembly process for me. I thought I was quite clever using a fudge graham for less mess too. 

Rustic Christmas Fire Pit Decorated With Pine Clipping and Buffalo Check Fabric

Rustic Christmas Fire Pit Decorated With Pine Clipping and Buffalo Check FabricThanks for stopping by today and have a Merry Christmas everyone! 


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  1. Such an awesome space you and your husband have created. I just LOVE it!! Looks good with the natural winter greenery and the splash of red. We had snow yesterday… seemed early, but we’ll sure take it and all it’s loveliness. Hope your Holiday prep is going well. xo

    1. Diane luck you to get the snow. We have snow now and I’m enjoying it. I wore my boots to the grocery store today and drove in quite a white out. Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas Dawn..we have about an inch of snow here in Jackson….love your outdoor patio!

    1. Jeanie it’s coming down heavy here right now but the day I did pics there was nothing.

  3. What a beautiful picture, so natural and simple

    1. Thank you Janet it was much easier to decorate this year by making everything simple. I enjoyed the process!

  4. I love how your greenery and the buffalo plaid looks in the space – it is just right!

    1. Thanks Jen I certainly haven’t decorated like I normally do but I’m loving the simple look much better.

  5. Love how the patio and fire pit look. Amazing how some greenery with a touch of red dresses it up! Got to ask…why are those marshmallows so flat? Are they home-made or did someone sit on them? LOL

    1. Carol, they are s’more marshmallows. They are square and flat so they fit between the graham cracker better and they have a chocolate center.

  6. love the wagon! Colorado needs snow too! Love, love the wagon? I think I want a red wagon! xo laura

    1. Laura my step sister lives in Colorado and they’ve had some snow. It’s coming down quite heavily here today.

  7. Dawn, I love your firepit. We want to do something similar in our yard. Did you pack the stone down? It looks so even and smooth. Just wondering???

    1. Becky hubby graded the stone to be nice and flat he’s a perfectionist. The type (crushed stone) that he used compacts on it’s own and locks together to make a flat surface.

      1. Thx, Dawn, I wish I could pick it up and move it to Indiana. He did a great job.

        1. Becky, I thought it would be a quick and easy project, I had no idea how much would go into it all but I’m so thankful to have the area to spend time with family around.

  8. Laura Harrie says:

    I understand the marshmallow messy completely, carry on and roast some more!

    1. Laura I will take that advice and get back at it soon. It’s snowing here today and it would be a lovely time to give it a go again.

  9. Kathleen G says:

    With all the hard work, your patio and fire pit turned out beautiful! Make more S’mores, and buy new fuzzy warm booties:).
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I’m still getting a chuckle out of all that gooey marshmallow stuck to them!

  10. I absolutely love your new Christmas decor steps. I could hardly keep from scrolling to the finished last image before I read each guide. Happy Christmas

  11. Wow, it looks amazing. love this.Thanks for sharing this great rustic fire pit. You really did a great job. Its look pretty simple and much impressive. I really appreciate doing this. Have a wonderful day.

  12. Leslie Anne says:

    What a sweet little sitting area to enjoy by the fire!

    1. Leslie I wish it would warm up a little so we could use it but I’m afraid our below zero temps are here to stay for quite some time.

  13. I love this so much! It’s just perfect and magazine worthy.

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