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Rustic Glam Outdoor Summer Table With Melamine

Rustic Glam Outdoor Summer Table Using Melamine


Summer fun is in full swing here, some of my favorite things to do include fishing, dining outside, and gardening. Today I’m going to share with you how I create a rustic glam outdoor table with melamine or paper plates that have the look of the expensive stuff.

Rustic Glam Outdoor Summer Table Using Melamine

Just a quick reminder I’m joining the Cozy Living girls today and sharing a few ideas we thought you’d enjoy. Thank to Jennifer for pulling it all together for us!

Heat Loving Summer Flowers In Pink


Melamine and Paper products have come a long way over the years, so much so they look like beautiful dinnerware. I’m a Melamine child from the late 70’s and remember how the old stuff was popular for camping, poolside, and picnics but it sure didn’t come in the assortment of colors and design patterns of today. I still see some of the old retro pieces crop up from time to time at thrift store and flea markets.

As for paper plates they also come in every trendy and sophisticated look you can imagine. Many have the look of fine china and even wood grain. So the looks are endless!

Rustic Glam Outdoor Summer Table Using Melamine


I like to start off with a tablecloth; it can be the real deal, paper or plastic whatever strikes your fancy. White for summer is my go to it’s easy to wash and bleach and doesn’t attract the heat. Next I added chargers; these look like galvanized metal but they’re cheap plastic. On top of the charges I’ve added melamine plates in a pretty summer pattern. Here’s where you can also add paper plates and where the chargers make the plates sturdier for carrying food.

Rustic Glam Outdoor Summer Table Using Melamine


No matter what the occasion or no occasion at all I always think flowers make the perfect centerpiece. I had these sun loving pink Veerbena already in old sap buckets on our deck so I transferred one to the table. Hubby cut me several wood slices to use for crafts and decorating so I added them under our glasses to absorb the condensation from our cold drink and washable bandanas to use as napkins. Lastly a few citronella candles placed around to keep the bugs away.

Rustic Glam Outdoor Summer Table Using Melamine


I’m fortunate that our front porch is shaded come dinner time so it’s very pleasant sitting there while enjoying the evening meal. We live in the country on a dirt road and are able to enjoy the wildlife while we dine. Nature never fails; we see deer and rabbits every night and depending on the season there’s often wild turkey poking around the chicken coop cleaning up leftover feed.

Rustic Glam Outdoor Summer Table Using Melamine

Thanks for dropping by today. I hope you found a few ideas that will inspire you, and don’t forget to click on the other links below to find more ideas for July. Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend my friends.

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  1. Dawn, it looks so prettty! I love the melamine plates and your gorgeous flowers. xx

  2. Your outdoor table is so charming! I love using melamine in the summertime!!!

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