Rustic Log Deer

Rustic Log DeerLook what my hubby made me, a Rustic Log Deer! While scrolling through Pinterest one day I came upon a similar one, screenshot it, and texted it hubby asking him if he thought he could make one. I either forgot I sent it to him, or he didn’t respond and the whole thing left my mind. 

Rustic Log DeerUntil one morning, a day he had off, he was getting up and I asked him where he was going. He said out to make you that deer. I looked at him and said I don’t know what you’re talking about, and he said you know that wooded one you sent me a photo of. I must be getting old because I still had no idea what he meant, he had to pull it up on his phone and show me. Oh ya now it’s all coming back to me…..that cute deer I wanted. 

Rustic Log DeerHe went up the barn and I was working around the house and finally I realized he’d been gone a long time, how long does it take to make a log deer anyway, so I went looking for him. I was so excited when I walked into the barn and found the deer standing there with hubby putting the finishing touches on it. 

Rustic Log DeerHe made the deer have working parts. See the head is moveable so I can turn it to look in any direction. I had hubby move the deer into several place before I picked the spot it’s in. He was getting impatient at this point and I explained to him it’s like arranging furniture you have to move it more than once to find the right look. Luckily he goes along with my shenanigans, with little complaint. Sometime I think he like to complain just to pick on me and see if he can get a reaction. 

Rustic Log DeerI can’t wait to figure out ways to decorate it seasonally, the easiest will be winter I can hang a wreath around it’s neck. I’ll have to get a little creative for the other seasons though. 

Rustic Log Deer



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  1. That is so cute! love where you set it. Looks like a new friend came to live with you. A wreath will be just the perfect finish.

    1. Karen I’m enjoying seeing it every time I pull into the driveway. I hope it holds up well during the winter months.

  2. Nancy cox says:

    That is absolutely adorable. I love love love it. So cute beside your porch. Precious!

    1. Nancy thank you so much. Hubby plans on doing a video tutorial soon so others can see how it’s made.

  3. oh that is adorable..I love it! High five to your hubby..he did an excellent job ?

    1. Melisaa, I’ll let him know what you said. Thank you!

  4. I love it! Your husband was so thoughtful to make it for you, Dawn.
    I’ve been wanting one forever, maybe it’s time I showed my husband a photo one too.

    1. Kim, if you can hang on awhile hubby said he’d do a video tutorial on how to make it.

  5. Just darling! Hubby gets a great big “atta boy!”

    1. Linda this is a project I couldn’t have done on my own, so I’m glad hubby did it. He made all the parts moveable and used a special tool so everything fit nicely.

  6. Your deer is adorable! I had a mamma and baby deer that my son made for me once. I had them outside for years until they finally fell apart! 🙁 I loved changing out a ribbon bow on mamma’s neck for the different seasons, and I put scarves on them during the winter. Adorable and fun! Enjoy your gorgeous deer!!

    1. Becky, I wanted hubby to make me a baby too but I thought without antlers it may look like a dog. Did your’s have antlers?

  7. Cheryl Major says:

    Your deer is just too cute !! …It sure will be fun decorating it for the seasons .

    1. Cheryl we may be getting snow today so I may have to get it decorated sooner than I thought.

  8. Kathleen G says:

    Adorable! And yes, husbands do like to tease:). Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen thank you and I’m so glad he remembered and made it for me.

  9. So cute – and perfect for your cabin. I love your little story about how it all happened, too. 🙂

    1. Aw thank you Jen, hubby surprises me every now and again!

  10. Cute as ever. Me and mu husband made some from plywood one year for Christmas gifts. They came apart so you can store them flat. I will have to get a pic and send it to you. Love your little buddy and you could put a plaid scarf around his neck for winter!

    1. Debbie I’ve seen the plywood one before around here they make Moose ones. I’m hoping to keep this up year round and find a way to make it work:)

  11. I think he’d be super duper cute with a plaid scarf around his neck!

    1. Diane that’s a brilliant idea. I’ll keep my eye out for one from a thrift store!

  12. He turned out wonderful! It should be fun to see what the actual local deer population things of him. 🙂 They may but come around to nibble at the wreath on his neck.

    1. Pam I guess the wooden version doesn’t bother the real deer, because they’ve been eating the hostas about 3 feet from him 🙁 There’s plenty to eat right now so I don’t know why they have to partake on my landscaping. They also love to eat the burning bush down to the ground every winter.

  13. Cute! Thats about the size of our outdoor ones when they have their antlers in place. Ours just eat more, they are fat.

    1. LOL, yes ours in the wild are much fatter too.

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