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Rustic Window Flower Box

Rustic Window Flower Box | CreativeCainCabin.comOn a last minute whim I decided to add these rustic, iron window flower boxes to the cabins windows. I’ve been waiting on the flowers to fill in a little before showing them to you. 

Rustic Window Flower Box | CreativeCainCabin.comAll the flowers this year are yellow, white and green. I like to pick a color theme and stick with it for the season. I think the look is more cohesive that way, but that’s just my style and it’s not for everyone. 

Rustic Window Flower Box | CreativeCainCabin.comI had the window boxes on our guest house at one time but after a remodel I took them down and they never went back up so I decided it was time to put them to use. All I needed was some new coconut liners and a few flowers to give the old boxes some new life. 

Rustic Window Flower Box | CreativeCainCabin.comYou may have noticed the tiny solar light in the box as well. I seem to have a fetish with them this year and they’re stuck all over my gardens. I’m not sure why I’m so attracted to lights amongst my flower and vegetable gardens but I am, and I seem to be consistent. I’m so glad I decided to use the old boxes this year, they sure give the cabin a pop of color. 

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  1. I love window boxes and plan to place some on my front windows soon…love your rustic window box with the beautiful tones of yellow plants and flowers….and love, love the idea of placing a solar light in them!!…Great idea Dawn!

    1. Shirley you’re so lucky that you can still plant. Around here if you don’t pick flowers and vegetable plants up by June 1st you can’t find any. Only one season to plant here so stores don’t restock.

    1. Linda, with the logs being so dark I always try and pick light flower colors. Purples and reds don’t do the trick but yellows and whites do.

  2. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Love those yellow striped petunias Dawn..I also had the idea to put solar lights in my planters this year..I just haven’t got them out there because we have been having bad storms every day here in PA..They are very cute..is that Rosemary I see in there??

    1. Nancy bad storms here too….power outage and tornados. After placing the soaker hose in my garden it’s rained enough to not use it. More coming this way on Thursday. Im not sure how the garden will do this year but so far it looks good. Glad to hear you’re another solar light lover 🙂

  3. Dawn
    I’ve always loved flower boxes!
    And yours do make the richness of your cabin wood pop, for sure.
    I’ve never seen yellow striped petunias before-pretty.

    1. Kim, this is the first year for me seeing the striped petunias too 🙂 They were a happy surprise!

  4. Kathleen G says:

    Pretty pop of color, softens the wood cabin. Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I agree it makes the cabin not look so rugged.

    1. Thank you Kris, it’s the first I’ve ever seen the striped petunias. I think there something new this year.

  5. Hi Dawn. I always look forward to reading your emails. I also love using solar lights. I have them around my flower bed, and also in my hanging basket. We have a cabin that we go to on weekends, and I have gotten many great decorating ideas from you.
    Thank you!

    1. Theresa, I’d love to see your cabin 🙂 Thank you so much for dropping in and letting me know that you enjoy the blog!

  6. Beautiful, as always! Speaking of flowers, did you know your blog was featured as a link on the House Beautiful online site? So cool !

    1. Rae, thank you for dropping in and no I had no idea I will have to go look for it. Thanks for letting me know.

      1. It was in reference to your post about using dried sunflowers for bird food.

    2. Rae, I just went to the site and can’t seem to find our home. If you see it again would you send me the link please?

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