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Rustic Winter Chicken Coop


Rustic Winter Christmas Decor, Chicken Coop, Red Wagon

I was a little excited to add some winter decor to the chicken coop poop, that’s what it’s called because of it’s color, this year. Brown just worked with the cabin color better (previous paint color can be seen here) and blended in with the environment but it sure looks drab once winter rolls around so to perk it up I added one strand of garland over the doors.

Rustic Winter Christmas Decor, Chicken Coop, Red Wagon

Yep that’s the extent of its mini winter makeover. You have to admit that single strand of green sure freshens up the coop. It looks even better sprinkled in snow, but by the time I got around to taking pictures the snow had melted. I’m not truly Christmas decorating yet and I can get away with that because the greenery is something I’ll keep up until early February. In my neck of the woods we’ll still be buried in snow so the touch of green will be refreshing.

Rustic Winter Christmas Decor, Chicken Coop, Red Wagon, Pine Garland

I hope you’ll enjoy seeing my rustic winter/Christmas décor this year. It won’t be fancy by any stretch but it will be simple, free, and true to whom I am. It’s so easy to go overboard with things and I’m guilty of doing that myself.

Rustic Winter Christmas Decor, Chicken Coop, Red Wagon, Pine Garland

When I decorate to early I get antsy waiting for the day I can rip it all down and pack it away until next year. Christmas decorations are big dust collectors in my opinion and something that doesn’t get dusted until it’s time to take them down again. So I sit back and think about how I can’t wait to get my house back in order again after the holidays.

Rustic Winter Christmas Decor, Chicken Coop, Red Wagon, Pine Garland

I’m hoping by doing things that are easy and simple I won’t have the urge to purge it all before Christmas day. It should be enjoyable, right? Not give me anxiety and sneezing fits from the dust. We don’t even do gifts anymore. The kids are grown, no grandkids yet, and hubby and myself need absolutely nothing. I even quit cooking on that day; several years ago we were without power so we started a new tradition where we go out for Chinese food on Christmas day.

Rustic Winter Christmas Decor, Chicken Coop, Red Wagon, Pine Garland

I don’t mind it a bit. No cooking and baking for me and we make the servers at the restaurant happy by leaving them a big Christmas tip. It works out perfectly for everyone. I’m sure once there’s grandkids things will get a little more festive again but for now simple it is.

Rustic Winter Christmas Decor, Chicken Coop, Red Wagon, Pine Garland

I was talking with my bestie just today saying I wish I knew where all our family’s vintage ornaments had gone. Now that my Mom has passed I can’t ask her and my Dad certainly wouldn’t know that wasn’t his area of household keeping. 

Rustic Winter Christmas Decor, Chicken Coop, Red Wagon, Pine Garland

Funny I remember those ornaments being ugly and un-cool as a kid but I’d give anything to have them with me now. Even as a kid I would beg my mom to only put white lights on the tree; which is still what I like today but somehow I never won that argument. The tree would get decorated every year with colored lights. I have no idea why I hated that look so much but I did and vowed when I had my own tree it would only be draped in twinkly white lights.

Rustic Winter Christmas Decor, Chicken Coop, Red Wagon, Pine Garland

Now I’m even simpler than that. Last years tree, you can see it here, had nothing on it at all but lights, no bulbs, no garland, just a simple pine tree cut from out field standing proud in the corner of the cabin.

Winter Planter Idea, Winter Garden Cart, Log Cabin, Decorating With Pine Clippings, Snow Covered Winter Planter


If you missed the rustic winter garden cart I’ve already decorated, you can click here and go back to read that post! And YES we had snow then.

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  1. your chicken coop looks so cute. We’re with you on gifts too. My husband and I haven’t bought gifts for each other in years. Plus no grandchildren (yet) so we keep it simple. I don’t buy many decorations as I prefer to make something. Ironic how your description of Christmas in younger years matches my own. I’ve bought vintage ornaments that match what we had from my youth and will use them fondly. this year I may use colored lights which I haven’t used since I don’t know when. Guess I’m feeling nostalgic.

    1. Barb, I’ve often thought of searching out those vintage ornaments and purchasing them too. I wish I could remember better what they look like. Oh I just had a brilliant idea I’m going to look back through family photos and see if I can find the Christmas ones…Im excited now.

  2. While it’s true that kids/grandkids are what make Christmas a festive and fun occasion, for those of us who are currently without little ones in our lives, we find our own way to celebrate the season. You felt the need to drape greenery on a chicken coop, and you prefer a green tree with white lights only – no fuss, and, my favorite – going out for Chinese food on Christmas Day. (you have no idea how many Thanksgivings and Christmas Days I’ve spent in a Chinese restaurant) :>) While it may not be for everyone, we all have our way to recognize the season and if it works for us, it’s all good.

    1. Pat, We sound like twins, LOL. Most people cant believe we eat out on holidays but it’s what works best for us and as I get older I like it easy.

  3. Hi Dawn,

    We are empty “nesters”, too. I cook Thanksgiving for whomever wants to come, but only because I want to. And I don’t have it on Thanksgiving day! I have it the Saturday before or the Saturday after. That way others don’t feel obligated to come for a visit.

    Christmas eating out or having leftovers from a day or two before suits us just fine.

    The chicken coop is great. I can see what you mean about it being drab in the winter, but the green garland and red wagon bring some life to it with the burst of bright seasonal colors.

    I hope you it’s okay if I say this, but I’m not so sure about the wreaths. They don’t seem to add a lot. In my mind’s eye I see one hanging on the pole just below the birdhouse.

    I looked at your before and after pictures and thought the brown looked fantastic in the summer photos. it’s a color that would work well here in Massachusetts.

    1. Janis, Yes those wreaths have been there all summer long and I’m not sure I like them either I just didn’t take the time to take them down. Maybe I should add some greenery to them, what do you think?

      1. That would make all the difference, Dawn. a little greenery would bring some life to them.

        1. Janis, I took the wreaths down and like the look much better, I did hang one on the front door of the cabin and added greenery to that!

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