The Scene in Michigan

Spring in Michigan

I know many of you are already seeing beautiful trees blooming, green grass, and flowers emerging from the ground but here in Michigan this is the scene. We still are getting frost at night, gloomy cloudy days, and no sign of anything green.

Spring Calves

The animals think it’s spring, the snow has melted (mostly) and new baby calves are being born. As you can see we have lots of standing water it was a very hard snowy winter here and the ground is so saturated there’s no place for the water to go. I fear it may be a bad mosquito year for just that reason.


Even the forest has no green underbrush or budding leaves yet. With all this water it’s making it impossible for farmers to get in their field for planting time. By now they should be working the soil, but not this year.

Corn field

This seems to be the scene all around me….last falls corn stubble. Farmers are normally turning it under by now and making their plan for planting a new crop. If this keeps up many family’s in my community will face an income hardship from lack of producing crops.

Mama Cow

Even mama cow is looking for some tender grass to feed on. It was a long winter for the wild animals as well. I know they are anxiously awaiting some green grass to graze on. For those of you experiencing spring in your area please send a little my way.



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  1. Rather brown, dreary, muddy , rainy and chilly here too ( Western PA ) There IS a clump of daffodils coming up in a neighbors yard but so far April feels like March and March felt like January! 🙂

    1. Deb, I agree we have had the strangest weather and the prediction is that we are in a 14 year cycle and so this is what we have to look forward to for a while.

    1. Claudia, it is 50 here today and I have laundry on the line, I bet it will be your weather tomorrow 🙂

  2. Cheryl Major says:

    Love your photos. I know this winter has been harder and longer than most. I would still take your spring over mine any day. I live in North-Eastern Ontario and we still have 5 feet of snow…..delayed spring by at least a month.

    1. Cheryl, I have been in Canada in June when it snows, so I know what you mean. I think today may be the turning point here, it is 50 and I have laundry on the line.

  3. It is pouring of rain here, been coming down since dinner time yesterday. Big puddles are forming on the ground, which is still frozen. There are still some big snowy areas in the shady parts of the garden. I’m so looking forward to seeing green … even dandelions will be welcome at this time 🙂

    1. Linda, I bet we start to see dandelions here in the next week or so. We had the rain yesterday too but today it is 50.

  4. I think our long winter club must join forces! It looks the same here in NE Ohio and the rain is cold. Hoping for some warmer weather soon! Loved the country pics and MI looks a lot like Ohio!

    1. Susan, yes Michigan and Ohio are very similar until you get into southern ohio. We had rain yesterday but today it is 50. I am crossing my fingers that it can only get better from here.

  5. Hi Dawn. At least the snow is gone. It is a start. Hope that Spring finds it’s way to you soon!
    xo Kris

    1. Kris, yes I am glad the snow is gone. It is 50 here today so I broke out the flip flops.

  6. crafty grandma says:

    WOW!!! Brown stuff ….with the downpour of rain we are getting and got overnight, I see a bit of grass! otherwise there is still about 5 feet of snow where I am….it is cold (32) so I am hoping it won’t turn to snow – although I did see some flakes early this morning. Since retiring 4 years ago and moving more to a country environment, I find it strange that the farmers don’t bring in the cows even in temperatures that are -22F ( -33 degrees c) either reading it’s cccccccold!!! Do you leave the cows outside in the winter ??? Some farmers on the other hand, have beautiful barns heated with finished fine oak walls they cows are prized cows since their trophies are on display. I went to an open but the farmer was too busy to ask questions…..I really feel sorry for these cows! LOL!! We pass by every week on our way to bowling they are in their stalls and close enough to the road that two in particular moo at us, perhaps because my husband slows down because there is a big dip in the road! We even named them Maude Beatrice and Gertrude!! all in good fun!

    1. Yes, the cows stay our all winter long here. My oldest sons girlfriends horse fell this year on the ice and died because it’s body temp got to cold, so that was sad.

      1. crafty grandma says:

        That is so sad about the horse…a few of the farmers around here have horses which I think they board for people..they are so beautiful. I guess the cows are very warm blooded animals to withstand the cold!! Thanks for your answer!

  7. Cathy Slentz says:

    Our weather has been similar to yours but finally, 60*’s+ and lots of sunshine. We are starting to see green grass and flowers. Thanks for the pictures, I do enjoy seeing everybody’s surroundings knowing we (north westhern North Carolina) aren’t the only one experiencing crazy weather.

    1. Cathy, wow 60’s would be nice. I think it felt like a heat wave when it hit 50 here today. I took advantage of it and hung my laundry on the line and cleaned out the herb garden.

  8. Hand in there Dawn 🙂 Indianapolis is soggy wet from rain for the past few days but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 60 so Spring is on her way 🙂

  9. Hi Dawn,
    Oh I hope you get some of the nice weather that is coming our way. Hopefully it will come to you too. Spring is coming this week. Weather is looking pretty nice. Love that last picture of Mama Cow. What an adorable face.

  10. There is hope! Today in IA we had actually a posted RED warning for fire because it is now dry due to the winds. Crazy! But this weekend is a prediction of more snow/rain.
    Poor Mama cow I feel for her!
    We still have deer coming to eat corn that is in the pan for the ducks.
    Everyone is struggling to find Spring!
    But while walking today I did see a furry caterpillar 🙂 just hope it was a sign of what is to come.

    1. Jan, We are dropping back down into the 30’s next week. I hate it when spring teases us and then turns back to winter. I really want to get some flowers in the ground, but it will have to wait.

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