The Secret to Adding a Photo to Your Bloglovin Feed

I have been very frustrated and unable to get a photo to show up in my Bloglovin feed for over a year now and let me tell you not being able to figure it out really made me want to conquer it all the more, I don’t take defeat well. Plus I kept thinking how stupid could I possibly be. I have designed a whole blog and I can’t figure this out???

The Secret to Adding a Photo to Your Bloglovin Feed ~ Pin Now and Follow the Tutorial Later

So for those of you that may be having the same problem follow the steps below and I bet your problem will be solved, I know it worked for me. 

Step #1 check out the theme you are using, if it is outdated that may be part of the problem, for instance the theme I was using hadn’t been updated in over 3 years. I did go ahead and move to a new theme just to avoid any long term problems.


Step 2# Open your Google Feedburner Account, Click on Optimize, Summary Burner, and make sure this feature is INACTIVE. 


Step#3 From the Dashboard of your Blog click on Settings, then Reading. Make sure For each article in a feed show, FULL TEXT and save the changes.


Step #4 Make sure the first photo you place in your blog post in a JPEG or JPG format, bloglovin can only read those 2 options.

Featured Image

Step #5 Make sure you add a FEATURED IMAGE to your dashboard sidebar. You should now have a photo in your bloglovin feed. If your theme doesn’t have a featured image section, download the plugin “Add Featured Image to RSS Feed“. I do know there are several issues with adding your photo to a bloglovin feed and this is what worked for me, you may see your feed and photo and then one day poof it disappears again. I think there are bugs that need to be worked out on bloglovin’s end for sure. But try this and give it at least 24 hours to take effect, and let me know if it worked for you. Wow, I am so glad that problem is solved it has haunted me for a long time. 

Here’s a list of other issues I have found:

The plugin Genesis E-News Extended doesn’t play nice with Bloglovin, I have since replaced it with the Subscription Feed Link from Feedburner (feedburner, publicize, email subscription, subscription link…these are the places to click on in you feedburner account to get the subscription feed.) You will then place the code in text widget wherever you choose on your blog.

If you send a help email to Bloglovin be very specific about what is going on, if you get an error code include that in the email, try pinging your feed yourself to find issues that may be helpful to Bloglovin. I normally receive an email back from Bloglovin within 12 hours of submitting but it can take up to 24 hours. I do think they are getting better about email contact, so don’t give up.




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  1. Thanks for the tip Dawn. SOmetimes it really is the simplest of things! Hope you enjoyed your Easter.

  2. Good post, Dawn and very helpful for those who are having trouble. I use ENews Extended and haven’t had any trouble with Bloglovin’ so the problem may be a combination of that plugin and whatever theme someone is using. I also have the Featured Image as part of my theme so maybe that has something to do with it. Who knows? I’m glad you worked it out, my friend.


    1. Claudia, I have learn bloglovin is a difficult thing to get right. There are so many factors that can make the photo show up.

  3. I just checked my Bloglovin feed and there is a picture appearing for my blog. I have no idea how it got there! It’s the featured image on my blog so I’m assuming it’s already part of my theme. Thanks for this post…another in a long line of wonderful tutorials. Have a great day!

  4. Thank you so much for this post, I’ve recently changed to wordpress.org so I’m still figuring things out and could not work out to get a feature image for my posts on blog lovin so thanks!


    Natalie x


  5. I just did this Dawn and it is not showing up yet…I wonder if it takes a few minutes to generate and refresh?

    1. Debbie, it takes time to catch up I would wait at least 24 hours or until you launch a new post for sure. I have seen it take up to 3 days before.

  6. Thank you – this is very helpful! I’ve been having trouble with this and tried #1-4, but think it may be because I’d been saving my photos as .png. Will try… Cheers!

    1. Lisa make sure you give it 24 hours to show up in your bloglovin feed or your next post. It doesn’t take effect on already published posts just anything new after the changes are made 🙂

  7. My case is different, I have a featured image section but bloglovin can recognize other pictures but not the featured one

    1. Vivan, it will read the first image in the post even if you have a featured image.

      1. Does that mean, it doesn’t read the FEATURED IMAGE? That’s unfortunate, because I cannot post the same image twice on a single post. Are there any alternatives to rectify the problem? Any advise is greatly appreciate. Btw thanks for creating this post 🙂

        1. Kenia, is your featured image in your side bar the same as the featured image (also the first image in your post)? Also are you using a JPG image?

          1. Kenia, so glad it is working. Yipppeee!!

  8. Sorry, I just went on bloglovin and it’s finally working! Please disregard my previous message. Thanks again, XOXO

  9. Great post! I just fixed my RSS feed and now my most recent post worked and an image is showing up! Yay – BUT none of the previous blog post photos are showing up still. Do you know if there is a way to have previous posts have images show up? Maybe I just need to wait 24hours? Any ideas here?

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