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How To Get Farm Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs To Peel {The Secret You’ve Never Know}

The Secret To Getting Farm Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs To Peel Like a Charm. The Secret The Old Timers Never Thought To Mention.I’ve tried every recipe out there for getting farm fresh boiled eggs to peel, some are better than others but nothing has been fantastic until now. My bestie and I were talking about how I’d purchased eggs from the Amish and when I hard boiled them they peeled just like store bought eggs. I was just amazed and thrilled. One thing I hate about fresh boiled eggs is the struggle with peeling them, the shell comes off in teeny tiny pieces and more often than not I end up mutilating a big potion of the egg. As we talked I was wondering if it’s something different the Amish feed there chickens that helps them to peel better, but a lightbulb moment happened. My bestie and I looked at each other and said, THEY DON’T REFRIGERATE THEIR EGGS. That must be the secret. 

The Secret To Getting Farm Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs To Peel Like a Charm. The Secret The Old Timers Never Thought To Mention.Well guess what, that’s exactly what it is. We did several experiments and as long as the fresh eggs didn’t come right out of the refrigerator to be hard boiled, they’d peel like a charm. So if yours are already in the fridge just let them sit on the counter for 24 hours before boiling them and they’ll peel just like store bought. Technically eggs don’t have to be refrigerated fresh from the chicken. As Americans we just feel the need to do so. Most other countries don’t refrigerate their eggs, and I bet they don’t have the peeling issue either. 

So that’s the trick people, DON’T REFRIGERATE THE EGGS. It’s so much more enjoyable now to have hard boiled eggs, I no longer dread the peeling process. Now go give it a try and tell me how it worked for you!

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  1. EGGSELLENT! I’m taking the eggs from the refrigerator immediately. Thanks.

    1. Jan, report back will you please? You’ll love how easy they peel.

      1. Hi Dawn – I live at Mile High Altitude so hard boiled eggs have always been a spectacular problem. With your suggestion of leaving eggs out at room temperature and increasing the heat to high simmer, I finally arrived at Super Easy Hard Boiled Eggs. Many Thanks. Jan

        1. Jan I’m so glad it worked for you, thank you for stopping back in and letting me know 🙂

  2. This has been an issue for us too. But we have had success with the method of steaming the eggs.
    I hate to waste the eggs too! It aggravating!
    xo Kris

    1. Kris, I’ve tried steaming them too but you will ditch that method after doing it this way. Try it and let me know.

  3. I don’t have any problems with peeling eggs. Just crack them, then use a teaspoon to start the egg peeling being sure to get under the membrane, then rotate the spoon on the egg. Works every time for me.

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