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Sea Glass Inspired Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse Decor Using See Glass Colors, Magnolia Market Paint Color Inspired

Do you ever just look around your home and realize your color choices are very soothing? That’s the way I felt once I started incorporating the green sea glass shades into our décor.

Vintage Glass Mason Jar, and Recycled Bottle in Sea Glass Green, Farmhouse Decor with Paint Color From Magnolia Market Fixer Upper Series

I new I really loved the cool minty green tones in the wreaths I have hanging throughout our cabin, and then I realized the same color was in the recycled glass pieces from Spain that are on the coffee table.

Farmhouse Log Home Decor Inspired by Sea Glass Using Magnolia Market Fixer Upper Paint to Get The Perfect Paint Color on This Salvaged Shutter

Even the reclaimed shutter has that same feel about it. The shutter is actually painted with paint from the Magnolia Market (AKA Fixer Upper Series) and the color is “Magnolia”. To make it feel more rustic I added a dark walnut stain over the top.

Decorating Around a Wall Mounted TV With Rustic Farmhouse Finds To Create A Gallery Wall

I’m really enjoying all the green and gray tones that are going on in our place right now. I’m even thinking about leaving them up and not changing out the colors for fall.

Farmhouse Decor Using Sea Glass Colors, Magnolia Market Paint, Fixer Upper, Cow Print

I say that now but I may change my mind, as fall gets closer. The Maple trees leaves are already changing here so fall is near.

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  1. Your colors look so nice together, Dawn. I also love how you’ve displayed the guitar on the shutter – very nice! It’s hard to believe we’re down to three more weeks in August…summer seems to go so fast. Thanks for sharing your lovely home – I’m so inspired by your style.

  2. Kathleen G says:

    I think you can use the color with soft Autumnal colors, which I think you have some in your decor. Think I like to think:). I have Martha Stewart colors on my walls and cabinets that needs to be repainted. The Magnolia line is right up my alley, very pretty colors. Fall won’t start until November here in desert, sob!
    Kathleen in Az

  3. I have this seagreen color in the sheer draperies and pillows in my bedroom and in the towels in my attched bath. It is so relaxing and I love it year ’round.

  4. I love the way you decorate your house Dawn. It is very cozy & calm.

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