Shower/Tub Cleaning Products that Work

 Today is a shower/tub cleaning tip that works for me and makes the job effortless.
 Here is the products you will need
CLR Bath and Kitchen Spray
Gel Gloss – Purchased at Menards
2 Micro Fiber Cloths
Dish scratchy
This is the method I use for cleaning
Completely spray down the shower and tub with CLR starting at the top and working down until there is complete coverage.
Let CLR stand and do its job of cutting through all the hard water and soap deposits.  This will be different for everyone, maybe 2 minutes, you don’t want the product to dry on the tub.
Next use the dish scratchy and give a gentle scrub to dislodge any hard to remove gunk. 
 Rinse tub and shower with warm water to remove the CLR.
Wipe dry with 1 micro fiber cloth. 
Spray an even coating of Gel Gloss, working from top to bottom, on the shower and tub.  This can also be applied to the fixtures.
Let Gel Gloss stand no more than 2 minutes its needs to remain wet.
Buff with remaining micro fiber cloth.  By buffing I mean gently rub the products in the same manner as if you were drying the tub.
Stand back and admire the sparkly, clean tub.
This is what I do every time I clean the tub and shower, it takes no longer than 8 minutes and is very effortless.  No hard scrubbing.  I believe the Gel Gloss protects the tub from any thing getting really built up.  If you keep this method up you only need to clean it about every 3 week.  Nothing builds up and it stays looking clean.
Hope this is helpful!

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