Side Entrance Build

For those of you who don’t know:  I live in a log home built completely by my Hubby, Son, and me.
We have been in the cabin a year now and finally had the money and energy to add the porches.
This is the side entrance that we use everyday.
If you missed our Front Porch Build click here or the decorated porch click here.
I’m lucky to have a Hubby and Son that can build anything and the equipment to do it.
 The porch makes the home look less boxy now.
Now all we have left to do is put the porch ceiling on.
 The Adirondack chair was made by my son, the red flower planter was an old grill and can be seen here, and the bucket holds my kitchen herb garden.
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  1. Love it! And ya know what? The wood looks so pretty that I’m not sure you even need a ceiling 😉 Your home is just gorgeous and perfect. And I love all the cute planters! My favorite planters are *found* objects. Thanks for sharing.. hope you’re not baking in the heat! -Tammy

  2. Oh my! Doesn’t that front porch AND darling chair and planter add so much? It must be so fun to live in this house. My husband would be a little envious if he knew about this! 😉


  3. What a beautiful porch!! The chair your son built, the creative planters, the color, just gorgeous!

  4. Your DH and son are so….handy!
    But you are the one that adds the finishing touches that make it so welcoming.
    I can only imagine what you all could do with a old lodge up north! hint! hint! Just saying….

  5. That is so amazing that you and your family have built all this. How special that must make it all. I love your special touches.

  6. It looks wonderful Dawn, you have it all “cute” already and I love the chair your son built. If you’re anything like me you were out there putting stuff on as they finished each floor board. Great look, thanks for sharing.

  7. love your little porch and the Adirondack chair- well done to the clever people at your place!

  8. Dawn the side porch looks great,just as good-looking as the front.Love these great places to “get-out” and enjoy!

  9. Wow Dawn, that is beautiful. I love it all dressed up with the flowers and the chair!

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