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Slipcover Change, Adding Color, and a New Cow

Decorating Ideas | CreativeCainCabin.comOut with drab winter and in with something cheerier. This is the time of year when I’ve had enough of winter and start looking forward to spring, and that makes me long for bright, pretty colors. It also makes me remember how painful it is to swap out my slipcovers. They look great, fit great, and wash up great but they are a struggle to get on.  My hands hurt for days afterwards, but it must be done. 

Decorating Ideas | CreativeCainCabin.comIf you remember for winter I used turquoise, rust, and blush in my decor, I love the color combo but was ready for something new. I washed the sofa and put it back on I felt it was still a good color for transitioning into spring but I swapped out the rust chair covers for natural. For some reason the natural always feels clean and crisp to me. 

Decorating Ideas | CreativeCainCabin.comAnd the gray and white buffalo check curtains got replace with my beloved red and white curtains. No matter how many times I use the red and white I never get tired of them. While at TJMaXX I spotted the nubby texture lamps, my old ones were oil rubbed bronze and I felt like they got lost in the log walls, the off white stand out better and are more versatile for other rooms in the house. 

Decorating Ideas | CreativeCainCabin.comI was on the hunt for new fabric patterns to update my throw pillows when I found a 50% off rack at Hobby Lobby with pre made pillow slips. I grabbed everything they had in colors I decorate with they were marked down so far I couldn’t buy the fabric for that; much less the time I would have involved in making them. If you have a chance take a look at them, their nicely made and have a zipper closure, I didn’t expect that. 

I also made the framed print “The Country Life For Me” it’s also the tagline in my header now and if you’d like a copy you can download it here.Decorating Ideas | CreativeCainCabin.comThe cow painting also came from Hobby Lobby, I love my other cow print but this one had the turquoise background I was looking for so into the cart it also jumped. I felt it was a little to small for the space so to beef it up I kept the original cow print frame in place and added the new cow print inside of it. The galvanized tool caddy filled with blue mason jars came from the Shipshewana Flea Market, I’ve used that in so many ways around my house it was a good buy many years ago.

Decorating Ideas | CreativeCainCabin.comDid you notice my “Love Bus” pillow? it’s for sale in my shop and comes in several colors if you’re interested (the print is on both sides and has a zipper closure). If you use this link there’s free shipping until February 8th at Midnight PST. 

Love Bus Pillows | CreativeCainCabin.com


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  1. Love the fresh bright pops of color, Dawn. My PB slip isn’t too bad getting it back on, but I’d rather not have to do it since it isn’t real easy.

    1. Kim, I know they make the a tight fit so they don’t look like slipcovers, but wow they need to make them a little easier. Thanks for dropping in “)

  2. This all looks great! My rooms need a boost too. I feel like I never really re-grouped after Christmas. Love those lamps!

    1. Ann, I was so tired of my Christmas colors I had to move on even if spring isn’t truly here. The best part is digging through my stash and decorating for almost nothing,

  3. I love EVERYthing! I’m just itchin’ to ‘spring’ things up some too! I need to gather all my Hobby Lobby coupons together and hit the road. Love your Etsy shop pillow too!

    1. Amy, Thanks for dropping in does my place look like yours or what? So crazy!

    1. Thank you Laura I was ready for a new look and this just perked me up again.

  4. It’s looking like spring in your home, Dawn. God knows we need it – more snow on the way today and tomorrow.
    We’re ready to start screaming here at the cottage. I’m downloading your Country Life for Me print – you know I feel the same way!


    1. Claudia we are getting freezing rain and snow here today too, will it ever end?

  5. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Don’t you just love it when you find such a wonderful mark down??..and that cow picture is so sweet and looks great inside the larger frame..You make everything look so pretty and not over done..

    1. Nancy yes I always love a bargain and this one was so good I purchased more for other decorating ideas.

  6. Like you, I never tire of red and white checks.

    Everything looks lovely.

    1. Carol it’s funny because until a few years ago I would have avoided red like the plague, but now I love it in this home. It would have never worked in my previous place (probably because it had that horrible 80’s mauve carpet)

  7. So refreshing Dawn! Love the slipcovers and the cow picture!

    1. Rondell, I’m addicted to those cow prints. Thanks for dropping in.

    1. Amy, hope you find some wonderful things at HL.

  8. I love the color scheme in the room…You would never know that winter lurks beyond the windows. Slip covers are such a great solution in refreshing a room….and there is always room for a cow!….love it!….and I must say that I noticed your tag line and it is perfect!

    1. Shirley, Thank you for stopping in. Yep we are knee deep in snow here and it looks like no warm weather in site. Thanks for noticing the new tag line:)

  9. Dawn, your home looks totally refreshed with the change of colors, and of course, the new cow! A friend of mine is painting cows in psychedelic colors and they are so…..cheery! And your love bus pillow is just darling!

    1. Jane, I would love to see the cow prints I bet they’re beautiful.

  10. Such a cute way to make a whole space feel refreshed! I love the blue pops of colors! The cow painting is so cute and the beefy wooden frame really makes it look stockier! Love the idea!

    1. Betsy, Thanks for stopping by, I have a love for cow prints and I just couldn’t pass this one up even because of it’s size. Have a great Sunday!

  11. Cheryl Major says:

    Dawn, I love how you have added splashes of Red and Blue . It looks so cheerful. The cow picture belongs in your home..it looks wonderful !

  12. Cyndi Wick says:

    Hi Dawn. Where do you find slip covers by mail. We live in a log home also, but in a tiny valley town (less than 80 residents) within the Gunnison (Colorado) National Forest with forested mountains all us. I purchased 2 red chairs, but like you I’d like to lighten them up for Spring and Summer. Can you help? Thanks so much and I also enjoy your site (and I noticed your hair is longer in your photo at the very end).

    1. Cyndi, I have short hair now, just had it cut today 🙂 I purchased my slipcovers from JCPenney online but they only fit their furniture line, so you’ll need that also.

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